Redneck Feuding Humor

Two backwoods rednecks, who lived across the river from each other, feuded constantly. John hated Clarence with a passion and never passed up a chance to throw rocks across the river at Clarence, while Clarence felt the same way about John.

This went on for years until the Corps of Engineers built a bridge across the river. John was elated; he told his wife that he was finally going to get the opportunity to cross that river and beat Clarence senseless.

John left home, intent on his mission; however, he returned in just a few minutes.

His wife asked, “What’s wrong? Why didn’t you cross that new bridge and whip Clarence?”

John replied, “Well, I’ve never really seen Clarence up close, and I didn’t realize how big he was until I reached the bridge and saw a sign that said: ‘CLEARANCE 8 FT 3 IN’”

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