Watch This Building Fall Down

Here we are in Surat, India, of all places, and we are building watching. Some people watch birds, some watch girls, but today in Surat, we are watching a building. We are watching it lean…lean a little more…Oh, Oh! We are watching it lean a lot more!

Well, they sure don’t build them like that any more, do they? Hopefully, it will make you think a little the next time you hire a contractor to work on your house. You may want to check his references more thoroughly too.

“Well, yeah, I’ve been building them for years and years, and hardly any of my buildings have fallen down. And the ones that have fallen down haven’t done so in their first 20 years.”

You may even appreciate your city building inspector more than you used to.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Inspector. You go right ahead to make sure those footings have real cement in them. That’s just fine with me.”

More Video Humor…

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