Surfer Dude Graffiti

Dude! That poor builder. Doesn’t even get his building built and the “dudes” are already marking it up. That has to be frustrating, but I have heard that modern construction materials are now designed to make removing graffiti a lot easier.

Of course, that makes it that much more enticing to post graffiti jabs at our dear Paris Hilton. Speaking of the Parisian, she is due to report for her incarceration in short order. It was reported in the media that one of the paparazzi rented a room with a window overlooking the small window in the jail cell that Paris is scheduled to be assigned to. It is unclear whether there is any truth to the report, but it makes perfect sense.

A photo of the Paris inside her new habitat would probably fetch a very pretty penny from the tabloids. Now that the report has hit the wires, the authorities will probably transfer her to a different cell to frustrate the photogs.

You can be sure that if any photos surface, you will hear about them here.

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