Redneck Slingshot Video

Aah! To be young and stupid again. Naturally, we cannot turn back the clock, but we can still aspire toward the stupidity factor. It seems that these folks have a lock on it. Some people just know how to live and how to tweak those innate gifts that nature doles out at birth. The rest of us can only hope to emulate.

You should know that no all terrain vehicles were harmed during the making of this video. The human characters involved were beyond harm and beyond hope anyway, so no one really cares whether or not they were harmed.

Actually, we were unable to determine whether they were harmed because they scored so low on the Rorschach Stupidity Scale, better known as RSS, both before and after the event.

And you thought RSS stood for really simple syndication. It’s a good thing the folks at McCafferty’s Pub are here to both entertain and educate. What did folks do before McCafferty’s Pub came along anyway?

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