Paris Hilton Graffiti Again

Did you know one of David Letterman’s recent top ten reasons why Paris Hilton was not doing well in prison? She was suffering from insomnia because she’s not used to sleeping in the same bed every night.

Well, I guess that this little excerpt of graffiti pretty much confirms that.

Paris seems to get around, doesn’t she? But at least she was sleeping back when this graffiti was written. The prison scuttlebutt has it that she hasn’t been doing a lot of that since she’s been confined to the slammer.

The grapevine also hinted that she would not eat and would not even go to the toilet because she was afraid that one of the guards would photograph her on the john and sell the photo to the tabloids.

Come to think of it, those tabloids probably would pay for a photo like that. Quite a society we have, where you cannot even go to the toilet for fear a photo of the act will end up in the media.

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