Redneck High School Reunion

If one ordinary picture is worth a thousand words, this photo should be worth one dictionary. We have all seen some Gatorade moments on the sidelines of football games, but this moment is about to be priceless.

You get the invitation to your high school reunion, and you think, “yeah. Why not go?”

Well, here is your reason because this is about to be one wet get together.

Notice how everyone is smiling–except for that one stick-in-the-mud towards the bottom right side. Do you think he knew what was about to happen? One can only guess.

There had to have been a choice few who knew what was up because it is almost impossible to keep that many folks in the dark on something this big and this wet. That fellow on the far left appears to have the biggest smile of all. Could it be that he deliberately positioned himself far enough away from the waterfalls so that he remained high and dry?

Or perhaps this is someone’s idea of an involuntary wet t-shirt contest. If that is the case, then the only winners are the ones on the roof.

Regardless of who knew what in advance, this will be one unforgettable reunion.

What do you think they will have planned for the next year?

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