Why did Britney Spears Lose Her Kids?

Why did Britney Spears lose her kids?

In case you have not heard, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled on Monday that Britney must turn custody of her two children, Sean and Jayden, over to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

The reason why Britney lost her kids is hardly earth shaking. She lost them because she did not obey the judge’s orders.

In previous court appearances, Britney was ordered to obtain a valid California drivers license and to be tested randomly for drug and alcohol use.

Britney knew about the court orders, and her lawyer knew about the orders. In fact, most of the general public knew about the court orders because they were so widely reported in the media.

Yet Britney showed up in court on Monday untested and without a license.

The court Commissioner had no choice. He had to show Britney that he is the boss–what he says goes.

So he awarded full custody of the two kids to Kevin.

Guess what Britney did right after her court session? She applied for a California drivers license.

Well, at least she is learning. It appears that losing her kids has made some impact on the singer.

She is also learning how to exit an automobile. The above photo on the left is the notorious shot of Britney leaving an automobile while not wearing any undies. The next photo is Britney exiting her car on Monday.

Notice the difference?

It appears that the Brit is not quite as dumb as she appears to be because she has at least learned how to cover herself up.

But if it takes Britney this long to learn such basic rules of life, she is going to be learning many of life’s lessons the hard way.

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