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Woman Caught Poisoning Supermarket Baby Food

Woman Caught Poisoning Supermarket Baby Food

50-year-old Shirley Ybarra was allegedly caught on video while injecting poison into jars of baby food and juice containers in a supermarket in the Tamarac, Florida area, which is near Fort…


A gang of children from age 10 to early teens were caught slowly roasting two live young puppies over an open bonfire along a canal bank near Manchester, England in…


Family Claims Cop Cruiser Needlessly Ran Down Son

Eric Peterson’s family of Nevada, Iowa, is claiming that their son was little threat to the police yet they deliberately attacked Peterson by running him down with a police cruiser which…


Henry Gates 911 Call

Professor Henry Lewis Gates Jr’s 911 call has been released by the Cambridge, MA, police. Lucia Whalen called 911 when she suspected that Gates was breaking into a house which…


Live Video of Indonesia Hotel Bomb Blast

Security cameras captured a bomb blast as it occurred at one of two American hotels in Jarkarta, Indonesia…


Wheelchair Bound and Mugged by Teens

Two teens in the Miami, Florida, area take turns mugging and beating Celedono Carrera, 66, who is wheelchair bound and helpless…


Texas Fireball Video – Is it UFO, Meteor or ?

It streaked across the Austin, Texas, sky in one remarkable hurry, so much so that authorities initially ruled out a meteor because it was moving too…


“They Told Me to Kill, to Rape Children” – Video

In Darfur, a CNN reporter, Nic Robertson, interviewed a former Sudanese soldier who was ordered to rape and kill children by his superior officers during…


New Details and Videos of Hudson River Crash

NBC News is reporting new details and new films that have emerged about the US Airways Airbus that crash landed in the Hudson River in New York piloted…


Ugly People Making a Comeback – Video

Where have all of the beautiful people gone? That is what you are going to be asking yourself if the economy gets any…


A Mountain rock slide caught on video on Tuesday has closed an East Tennessee highway with giant boulders, many of which are larger than cars, blocking the road. Officials had already been on the scene because of one rock slide discovered by a motorist at 5:30 AM when a second slide was caught on…

16-year-old Derrion Albert was a Chicago honors student at Christian Fenger Academy High School on Chicago’s notorious South Side who was beaten to death Thursday, September 24th, during a gang fight only three blocks from school.


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