Redneck Mercedes

Leave it to a redneck to degrade a classic vehicle like a Mercedes simply to enable viewing the world sideways. The driver of this sedan gets to see what might have been if he had a yen to lean towards the southpaw in him.

One usually tries not to look back where he has been simply to avoid second guessing himself. However, prudence demands that you do spend some time looking where you are going. That could prove to be a challenge in this vehicle.

If nothing else, a sore neck is a likely result.

As for the video, there is a language barrier in this one, but the gist of the message is that the homeowner had grown tired of traffic in front of his home constantly exceeding the speed limit. Thus, he craftily devised a certain revenge to teach the lead-footed drivers a lesson.

I think that the law may not agree with his point of view in this instance. But that is the price that may be extracted when one exhibits a steadfast determination to play the role of vigilante.

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