OJ Simpson Back in Slammer

OJ Simpson was forced to return to jail today for violation of the terms of his bail by attempting to contact one of his co-defendants in his armed robbery/kidnapping case.

On Friday, OJ was being escorted from the Miami area back to Las Vegas to be jailed until he faced a hearing on Wednesday.

Las Vegas court prosecutors have stated that Simpson allegedly left a message on November 16th asking his bail bondsman, Miguel Pereira, to get in contact with Simpson’s co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, to convince him not to cut a deal with the prosecution and testify against Simpson.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger stated in court documents that “after being admitted to bail with the conditions set above…(Simpson) attempted to dissuade a co-defendant from testifying and cooperating with law enforcement.”

In the message Simpson was quoted as saying, “I’m fed up with this. Fed up with changing what they told me. All right?”

Simpson allegedly made the call only two days after he was ordered to stand trial by a Vegas justice of the peace for 12 counts including armed robbery and kidnapping. Simpson may be liable to spend the rest of his life behind bars if he is convicted.

OJ has pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to stand trial beginning April 7th. He was freed on $125,000 bail until then with the proviso that he have absolutely no contact with the other defendants in the case–not even by “carrier pigeon.”

Simpson’s bail bondsman You Ring We Spring rearrested Simpson after the Las Vegas prosecutor filed a complaint that Simpson has violated the terms of his bail.

On Wednesday, District Court Judge Jackie Glass will be faced with the decision as to whether or not Simpson violated the terms of his $125,000 bail. If the judge decides that Simpson did violate bail, OJ could be forced to remain in jail until his trial.

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