Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron’s Fairy Tale Love Story

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have a fairy tale love story that captures the hearts of teenagers and pre-teens worldwide.

They met when they both starred in High School Musical (HSM), which was a blockbuster movie on the Disney Channel. Vanessa played the starring role of Gabriella Montez and Zac played opposite her starring as Troy Bolton.

Gabriella and Troy share a love interest in HSM similar to Vanessa and Zac in real life. Troy is the high school’s sports hero and Gabriella is a bright student who transferred to East High.

Although Vanessa and Zac are constantly seen together in Los Angeles, blogheads are continually speculating that their romance is over, but they have always been wrong.

The blockbusters High School Musical 1 and 2 have made stars of Vanessa and Zac, and they are among the most searched celebrities on the Internet. They are also followed everywhere by the paparazzi.

And it only promises to get bigger and better for the couple, for Disney has started production on High School Musical 3, which is going to be premiered in theaters rather than just the Disney Channel. The couple and HSM are so big that the number of views of their videos on Youtube reach into the tens of millions, which is off the charts.

Many of the photos on this page were taken from Zac and Vanessa’s vacation in Hawaii last year. Zac said that a paparazzo caught him off guard because Zac had not yet realized that the couple was so high on the paparazzi radar.

“At that point it (his stardom) was inconceivable,” Zac said. “I had no idea that anyone could ever care. That happens to, like, big stars. I woke up and my dad told me that I was in a newspaper on the beach, (and) he made fun of me. He said I was ‘frolicking.’”

It appears that the paparazzo made a small fortune on the photos. Zac said that while they were still on vacation in Hawaii, “the photographer left me a note with a disc of all the pictures, and on the note it said, ‘Thanks for the Range Rover!’”

The following video stars Zac and Vanessa, is from High School Musical 2 and is entitled “You are the Music in Me.”

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