More Videos of Abuse by US Soldiers in Iraq

The David Mortari video showing a US Marine in Iraq callously throwing a puppy off of a cliff to its death has shone a bright light on the poor state of US public relations in the war zone of Iraq.

Below is a video of three separate incidents involving US soldiers in Iraq and their interactions with Iraqi civilians. In each incident, the way the US soldiers handled the situation was far from diplomatic.

Some Blogger and Youtube videos have been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you muct click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

In the first incident in which a soldier shoots an Iraqi dog, the shooting was probably unnecessary, but an occupying army can do pretty much whatever it wants. Who is going to tell it otherwise? Certainly not the civilian who was the victim in the incident.

Perhaps soldiers have standing orders to shoot dogs because the fear is that the dog may be booby trapped with some type of bomb. That is a very strong possibility.

The IED (improvised explosive device) is the most feared weapon by US personnel in Iraq because Al Qaida has used it extensively with considerable creativity.

In the second incident in which the car is crushed, the US patrol of vehicles does not stop. This again is probably the result of fear of a suicide bomber.

But what if the tank had crushed the occupants of the car? Would it stop then?

Did you notice that the traffic seemed to automatically yield for the American vehicles? Give the Americans the right of way is probably the rule of law in Iraq.

In the third incident the US motivation is conclusive. At first it appears that the soldiers killed a few sheep for the fun of it (if you can call that fun). However, a military man informs us that the soldiers tossed a flash-bang rather than a real grenade. A flash-bang is a non-lethal explosive device designed to momentarily shock those around it.

Assuming that the soldiers tossed a flash-bang and not a real grenade, the incident is really more of a prank than anything else. However, the Iraqi sheperd will likely remember the incident with strong negative feelings. Wouldn’t you?

In every incident the Iraqis accepted the results without complaint, and that is probably because they feared that a complaint might elicit a more severe reprisal.

How do you think each incident will be remembered by the civilians involved? I know how I would feel. They will most likely hate the Americans, if they don’t already.

Soldiers like David Mortari are eliminating what little respect Americans have left in that part of the world, and they are replacing it with hatred.

Thatta boy, Mortari.

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