Victoria Lindsay’s MySpace Page Update

Victoria Lindsay has removed all photos of herself on her MySpace page. Victoria, or Tori, as she was referred to by her mother, is the Lakeland, Florida, 16-year-old cheerleader, who was beaten by six of her classmates from Mulberry High so they could post a video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace.

Victoria is the one in the photo being pummeled and also has a white spot over her face.

Nothing is posted on her blog and most everything else has been removed from the page.
Victoria has posted the following:

Victoria Lindsay’s Blurbs

About me:

I tRiEd deLetiNg mY pRoFiLe BuT iT hAs tAkEn soOo LoNg. InStEad i deLeted aLL mY PiX aNd oRiGiNaL fRiEnDs tHiS wAy nO oNe wOuLd FiNd oUt aBoUt mY PaGe AnD aSk mE oBviOuS qUeStiOns bUt yOu gUys fOuNd iT oUt aNyWay aNd aLL oF yOu hAvE bEen sOo sUpPoRtiVe!!! tHaNk yOu fOr aLL tHe SuPpOrt, i aPprEciAte EveRyOnEs cOncErn FoR mY hEaLtH! 🙂 – LoVe ViCtOriA

Victoria’s note was in pink font, but Blogger just won’t print that color. As of 4/30/2008, Victoria now has 1,560 friends on her MySpace network, and she had logged in to her page today. 1,560 is a lot of friends for any MySpace page.

Victoria has also posted this image in her bio section:

The Music she has playing on her page is “Why Do Girls” by the Born Jamericans. The background of her page is blue with black and white teddy bears.

It sounds like Victoria is doing just fine.

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One thought on “Victoria Lindsay’s MySpace Page Update”

  1. hay victoria u dont know me but im a 16 year old girl who is here to tell you stay strong you r way prittyer then all of them all of them i know this happend so long ago but when i see the video i makes me what to talk to u n give u stranth i wouldent be so strong holdin all them punches but remember u go throue that now that mad u stronger n u can get thrue eney then dont let that bring u done i know u from djj i dont know if u remember a little girl she was there with a orange sute i wish i know that was you n i maby would of talked to u but girl life goes on now u have to realiz that friends aint nun but a doller in your poket it comes n goes move on buttiful u have a long life to live ok take care i will pray for u

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