Two Time Caption Contest Winner

The staff and patrons of McCafferty’s Pub are proud to announce that once again we are the recipients of a first place award in a prestigious humor competition. The boys in blue over at Mattress Police recently awarded McCafferty’s Pub the highly coveted “In Your Face” award for our first place finish in the competitive Mattress Police Caption Contest.

We are especially proud recipients of this renowned trophy because it is the second time that the folks at Mick’s Pub have won first place in the eminent humor tournament. Because the competition for the top three places in the event is so stiff, we not so humbly pat our own selves on the back for a job well done.

The object of the contest is to take a normal (or absurd) photograph and insert a humorous caption. The caption judged to be the funniest is the winner. Sounds simple enough, we know, but it looks a lot easier than it is.
Below is our winning entry:

The second place caption, The girls were shocked to meet a man that even Samantha wouldn’t sleep with,” was courtesy of Sarah over at

Third place, “Hey! Is that an original Thomas Kinkade? I’m so bidding on that,” (which is an inside joke intended for readers of the Mattress Police blog) was an inspiration of Shelley at I Miss My Sanity.

The cops over at Mattress Police also have a site known as Humor-Blogs that is a directory for humor related blogs on the Net. Now you may be tempted to check out these other sites that I have listed here, but I really would not recommend it.

The writers at these sites are entirely too gifted and actually write funny material. The Humor-Blogs site lists hundreds of blogs that are intended to be funny. If you visit any of these sites you will waste entirely too much time and might even hurt yourself from laughing too much. Some visitors have been known to come down with side cramps from all of the laughing and giggling.

The caption contest at Mattress Police is held every other Friday or so, but please don’t visit the site. We don’t need any more competition.

McCafferty’s Pub’s first caption contest win.

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