Redneck License Plates

Guess what used to be one of the most popular vanity license plates in all 50 states?

Of course it is only popular with the male half of the population. The female half possess a vastly different outlook on what is most popular.

I have yet to meet the missus that is willing to allow her better half to drive around town with a license plate like that. Maybe that is why the guy hates his wife, because she won’t let him broadcast the fact that he hates her.

He probably would not hate her as much if she would let him tell the world that he hates her. And if he were totally free to proclaim that he hates her, maybe he wouldn’t even hate her at all. But that gets into too much of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

There is probably a female counterpart to that plate, maybe something like this:

But the real reason that these folks hate either their wives or their men is because they fall into this category:

However, you don’t see many plates like that driving around because of the strict rules of the motor vehicle departments around the nation. It’s not that they don’t want you telling folks that you hate your life. We all hate our lives to some degree; it’s part of life to hate your life.

No, it’s simpler than that. Most DMVs will no longer allow the combination of the letter “H” with the number “8.” They claim they do not want to spread hatred.

Now that sounds like an admirable goal, but we know the real reason! The real reason is that they want to censor what you want to say.

Well, down with censorship! This is the Internet and we will say what ever we want to say! And we are going to start saying it right now!

We start with simple redneck license plates like this:

Or this:

Because we want to explore the redneck mentality in all of us, let’s skate a little closer to the edge, like this:

Now that sounds sweet and innocent to most of us, but to Bubba, it really means this:

As we explore redneck family relationships even more we find that family reunions get very complicated. Here is one possibility:

And this license plate returns us to that chicken or the egg concept again. Did sis come first or did mom come first? I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

Now if sis had a headache back when dad made his move on sis, that means that Bubba wouldn’t even be here. How’s that for complicated?

At that family reunion I heard Jim Bob say, “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” Did he mean that literally?

We have barely scratched the surface with redneck license plates. Think of the possibilities that beckon our exploration in this area, and think of the interesting posts that promise to come from it all.

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