Redneck Super Models

Do you ever wonder why you never see any super models on the street, in the grocery, or on the subway? Well, they make so much money, they probably do not travel by subway or bus, but there is another reason you do not see these gorgeous women out in public.

That reason is: these women do not exist–at least not the way you think they do.

Do you really believe that super model Gisele Bundchen looks as good as the photo on the left?

Gisele is extremely attractive, but in no way does she look as good in real life as the woman you see in that photo.

The photo on the right is also Gisele Bundchen.

If you were not told that they are one and the same woman, you would assume that they are two different models because they look so incredibly unalike in the two photos.

In the next photo on the left we have super model Kate Moss completely au naturel. She is wearing no makeup and very little lighting has been added to enhance the photograph.

She even bears a slight blemish or birthmark on her right cheek.

Next they bring in the high priced hair stylists and makeup people, who go to town on Kate. After tying her hair back for a slender high fashion look, the makeup artists apply a base to her face.

Voila! The freckles and blemishes have disappeared.

Lip gloss widens her mouth and enhances the lips to make them seem more adult like. Eye makeup augments her eyes making them appear deeper and darker.

The photographer adjusts the lighting and suddenly Kate’s nose and cheeks appear thinner.

Once the photographer’s shutter has snapped, the cgi and photoshop experts go to work. Kate’s natural hazel eye color becomes a deep dark brown. Small white dots added to the eyes make you think Kate looks at no one but you.

A highlighter added to Kate’s left cheek area nudges the right side of the photograph into dominance.

All of that work produces the next photo on the right. Our process begins as Kate Moss in her natural look as the girl next door, and it ends with her appearing as a sultry super model with an impossibly sizzling good look.

Impossible is the key word here because it is impossible for any woman to look like the photo on the right. Even Kate Moss does not look that good in real life.

All of this magic with hair styling, makeup, lighting, photography, and cgi is not lost on our redneck friends. They realize that with today’s technology just about any woman can be transformed into a super model.

And that brings us to our video featuring two models. The first scene stars a normal super model and the second features the redneck version. Have a look.

This is Redneck Woman
Redneck Window Washers
Drunken Redneck Ukrainian Wedding Fight
Try Redneck Graffiti

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