Rocky, the Drunken Squirrel

I hope that this squirrel isn’t Rocky, the flying squirrel, because this guy has a problem. I would hate to think that Rocky is an alcoholic. This squirrel has had way to much to drink and it’s only the middle of the day yet.

Young Rocky’s video was all over the Internet about a year ago, but it was only viewed by about 3 million folks. That leaves several billion who haven’t seen it, so I don’t feel guilty about the rerun. Let’s give it a look.

There is no doubt about it. We need to perform an intervention and get young Rocky here into a 12 step program. What an example he is setting for the younger generation.

Actually, it’s more likely that this guy is a stunt squirrel. Did you notice that whenever he failed to climb the tree, he would hang on by one rear paw. This guy is just an actor; he’s not really drunk. I should have known better.

I wonder how much a stunt squirrel gets paid for a gig like this?

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