Elevators and Racism?

This video makes an important societal point in a very funny way.

Unfortunately, in order to maintain my PG rating for this blog, I was forced to delete the most offensive profanity from the vid. There are still a couple of mildly offensive words, but nothing you do not hear on network television every day.

I am certain that there is a lot of truth to the point raised in this video. However, I have run into the same reactions to my own presence in elevators, and I am, and appear as, a non-threatening white male.

I have noticed women transferring their purse to the shoulder opposite me, and they usually clutch it a little tighter. Women are victims a great deal more than men are in society today. It is only natural that their body language will betray the innate fear that most of them have about becoming a victim at the hands of any male regardless of the race.

But it was still a very funny video.

Now my problem is that I do not have a category for this video. There is not a lot of racism humor out there these days because it is a topic that most of us want to stay away from. If any of you can think of a more specific category other than video humor for this video, I am willing to listen.

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