Worst Job Ever

This absolutely, positively has to be the worst job ever, bar none. You could not pay me enough to do this for a living. Sorry all you veterinarians, but this is where I draw the line.

Can’t you see the circus manager saying, “Hey, Johnny! Call the vet! Big Bertha’s compacted again. Can’t get that girl to eat enough roughage, no matter what I do.”

What does this vet say to people when he is first introduced to them? “How do you do? I’m John Smith….What type of work do I do? I’m an elephant veterinarian. I specialize in compacted elephants. Have enema will travel is my motto.”

The second worst job in the world is the guy holding Bertha’s tail.

His big mistake is he is not dressed for the job. What happens when the enema takes effect and Bertha let’s her rip. The guy holding the tail is in the direct line of fire, and he is not protected with plastic like the vet is.

I am so much more appreciative of having a desk job now than ever before. I understand the dedication of animal lovers, but, this has to take the cake.

Notice how the guy holding the tail intently peers at what the vet is doing. He probably aspires to be a vet some day himself. If this does not turn him off from the vet business, nothing will.

I guess there is nothing like on the job training.

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