Father Endangers Baby to Film it on Video

Unbelievable video of man (probably the father) deliberately endangering the life of a nine month old baby for the sake of getting it all on video. Do not watch this if you are squeamish!

The video is hosted on LiveLeak.com and here is the disclaimer presented by LiveLeak:

“Warning: a baby is very fragile and this actually endangers the baby’s life. The possibility of multiple injuries to this child sets this aside from simply “playing with your baby”. If anyone has any information as to either the origins of this video or the person in it please get in touch with a member of the LiveLeak.com staff.”

If you recognize the man in this video, please contact LiveLeak.com or call your local police. This guy has to be stopped before he hurts this child.

How this man can think that he is not harming the child is unbelievable.

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