Redneck Dumb and Dumber – Video FAIL

Unfortunately some folks just do not have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Some of them, like in our first video, make their own rain and get into trouble over it.

But that just makes it that much more fun to laugh at their antics.

In the first video, our hero answers nature’s call next to an electric fence. Bad idea, Joe Bob!

Watch the shenanigans:

I do believe that our hero may require some first aid in a rather sensitive area of the anatomy. And he also ruined a pair of pants in the process.


It is difficult to determine which one of our redneck geniuses is Dumb and which on is Dumber. In our next video our man decides to demonstrate his athleticism by walking from post to post.

It turns out that he is not quite the jock he thought he was. Of course, there is pain involved and embarrassment too. Let’s look in on our hero as he tackles his obstacle course:

Now…be thankful you are safe and sound in front of your computer instead of embarrassing yourself in front of the whole world like our hero.


Reporter Meets Horse's Butt
Reporter Meets Horse’s Butt


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Redneck Hand Grenade


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Worst Job Ever


Monkey See – Monkey Do Too

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