Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay – Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay, the Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader who was allegedly ambushed and gang beaten by her fellow cheerleaders and classmates last March 30th, recently gave her first video interview since the beating.

ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Lindsay at length, and we have embedded the interview for you here. The alleged teen age perpetrators video taped the beating, which lasted for a half hour, so they could post the film on YouTube and MySpace.

Lindsay was allegedly beaten in two sequences by her so-called friends, and the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s department released the film of the beating in two parts. The first film that was released by the Sheriff actually contains the latter part of the beating but has the highest quality of the two films, which may be why the Sheriff released that film first.

After Lindsay was ambushed, she was beaten until she received a concussion and lost consciousness. That early part of the beating is the second film released by the Sheriff.

News reports after the beating stated that Lindsay had suffered vision and hearing loss; however, she discloses in the interview that the hearing problem has healed, but she still suffers from vision impairment, which may be corrected with glasses.

Lindsay’s alleged attackers have been charged with assault and a more serious charge of kidnapping. The trial of her alleged attackers has not yet been held.

Following is the video interview with Victoria Lindsay:

The callous attitude of Lindsay’s alleged attackers shocked the world when news of the beating first hit the media. Cara Murphy was initially charged along with the other defendants in the case, but charges against her were later dropped, at which time she sort of apologized in an interview by saying, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Oh yes! That certainly sounds remorseful.

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The following blogger posted a transcript of the second Lindsay film because much of the conversation is garbled and difficult to understand:
Transcript of 2nd Victoria Lindsay Video

2 thoughts on “Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay – Gang Beating Victim”

  1. I am shocked that these girls are getting off without any penalty. They are disgusting and they should be ashamed. I am sure that they will be in trouble again. And, they will be screaming for someone to help them out. We all need to stand up against thugs like this.Ohio Father

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