Slip N Slide, You’re Fired, Bull in Irish Shop – Videos

Slip and Slide Extravaganza

Ron and friends had the house to themselves while the parents were on vacation. How do you think the young lads entertained themselves while mom and dad were away?


You’re fired

The tough economy is affecting all of us in different ways. Take a look at how some folks are cutting back:


Bull in an Irish Supervalu

A young bull somehow managed to escape from nearby stockyards in Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland, recently. He must have missed his family and tried looking for them in the meat department of the local Supervalu store.

The lost bovine may very well have been staring his long lost uncle right in the rump roast, but apparently did not recognize his relation in his current state. Have a look at the action for yourself:

That reporter certainly has a flair for using puns, but she probably would have a different attitude if she were the one looking for lost relations in the local deli.


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