Google Street View Shows Dutch Mugging

Google Street View has assisted Dutch police in the apprehension of two alleged muggers whose photo was snapped by Google’s Street View crew moments before a mugging went down in the city of Groningen, Netherlands last September.

The boy on the bicycle is the victim in the mugging and the other two young men have been arrested as the alleged muggers. This photo was taken as the Google vehicle traveled down Merwedestraat in Groningen.

According to the 14-year-old victim, whose name has been withheld because of his age, moments after this photo was taken the two young Muslim immigrants in the photo allegedly mugged him dragging him off of his bicycle and taking his cell phone and 165 Euros ($239 US), although why a 14-year-old would have that much money on him is a bit of a mystery.

Initially the 14-year-old was unable to identify his assailants, however, in March he spotted this photo on Google Street View and realized that the photo was taken only moments before he was assaulted.

The police requested the original photo from Google, which did not have the deliberately blurred faces this photo has. A robbery squad detective immediately recognized the face of one of the alleged assailants, who are twin brothers known to police.

For those of you who prefer to view the original photo, enter this address, Merwedestraat 60, 9725 Groningen, Netherlands, into Google and then search maps. Once you arrive at the map of the location, click on street view. Rotate the photo to the right to view a pic of our mugging just before it happened.

Clearly the joke is on the two alleged muggers in this instance because technology has helped justice triumph once again.

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