Funny Commercials You Won’t See on US TV

We all know that rules for TV commercials in the US are far more uptight than most other countries. Maybe it is because of the political clout of the religious right or maybe it is because of MAFC (Mothers Against Funny Commercials). I don’t really know.

But I do know that US audiences are missing out on some very funny commercials because of it.

At McCafferty’s Pub we purchased one of those really huge, high-powered satellite dishes that brings in TV from all over the world. So when you stop in our pub you do not have to worry about TV censorship.

And remember that we always warn you if anything we present approaches the raunchy grade. None of these commercials do.

Our first video is a commercial for air conditioning in a Toyota Corolla, but do not hold your breath waiting for this one to reach the US. It just is not politically correct enough to satisfy the US censors. Please watch:


This is one Nissan commercial starring Andy Richter I have not seen in the US, but I wish I had because it is quite funny. Give a look:


If you never understood what independent front suspension was on an automobile, you will after watching this Nissan commercial. Please watch:


Redneck TV Commercial
Japanese Bikini Car Wash and World’s Shortest Runway – Video
Redneck Treadmill
Not Enough Headroom?

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