Baby Chick Fights Off Monitor Lizard – Videos

This is either one tough baby chick or else one wimpy monitor lizard. The not too bright lizard tries to make breakfast out of this baby chick with ridiculous results.

The chick gives a whole new meaning to over easy, because this is one lil’ chick who isn’t a pushover for anyone. And that includes this lizard that only gives a half-hearted attempt at dining on chicken today.

I think that lizard will starve if that is the best it can do at securing himself a meal.


This black labrador is totally confused in the next video and practically has a fit when he sees a vid of his roommate, the cat. Which one is your pal Felix the Cat, huh puppy? I don’t know if you don’t know Fido. Maybe there are two of them now.

Because of techie limitations, the black lab vid cannot be shown on a blog. Go to McCafferty’s Pub to see the video.

It is pretty obvious that this pup is not tech saavy. Take some technology classes pooch because you will never make it far in this modern high tech society if you cannot even deal with a cat video. Poor puppy.

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