Wow! Samoan Tsunami Footage Shows Large Wave Swamping FBI Office – Video

Editor’s note: This footage is from the 2009 American Samoa tsunami. For reports and videos on the 2011 Japan tsunami please go here.

A video released by the FBI shows a giant tsunami wave approaching the FBI office in Pago Pago, which is in American Samoa in the South Pacific. The wave generates a path of destruction in its wake, tossing vehicles about as if they were toy cars.

A young man on foot at first heads directly toward the wave, but he soon corrects his path, turning about completely. Hopefully, he made it to safety in time. It is difficult to know that he did, however, unless he had a vehicle to escape in. A man on foot would not stand much of a chance against a wave moving as quickly as this one.


The death toll has risen to at least 184 including Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. From 6-8 people are still missing according to different reports. The video footage is taken from a security tape in the FBI office on the 2nd floor. The video camera takes periodic intermittent photos which is why the video movement appears jerky.

The FBI office is reportedly about 100 yards from the ocean.

4 thoughts on “Wow! Samoan Tsunami Footage Shows Large Wave Swamping FBI Office – Video”

  1. This is very informative. I never knew about this. It’s crazy what you can search on the web sometimes. Time to share this!

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