Drunkest Drunk Ever Goes On Beer Run – Viral Video

The following video is such an Internet hit that it has gone viral almost instantly, and it is no wonder because it qualifies as some of the best drunk humor available.

This incident occurred only nine days ago at 10:45 AM no less on a Tuesday morning. Our inebriated hero has set forth upon a Lordly quest to sate his quench of thirst. In other words, he is on a beer run.

Such a valiant effort in search of liquid sustenance is restrained by his obvious inability to resist the law of gravity. As you will see in the video, our hero continually succumbs to Sir Isaac Newton’s law regardless of his endeavors to thwart it.

As in most such thirst motivated missions, the humor is in the journey itself, rather than our hero’s ultimate destination.

Let’s watch:

The scary part is that all of the other drunks at the party chose this guy as the one sober enough to go on a beer run. Since we all know that the Internet is forever, just wait until our hero applies for a new job and his prospective employer shows him this video. He will not be a happy camper.

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