US Chopper Killing Iraqi Civillians Caught on Video

On Monday released a classified military video that shows a US Apache helicopter attacking and killing Iraqi civilians on July 12, 2007 in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad. The attacks were quite brutal, and it appeared that the Americans’ goal was to kill everyone rather than wounding and capturing anyone for interrogation.

It is very clear on the video that the Americans thought that the group of Iraqis were enemy combatants, mistaking cameras and tripods for AK47s and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG).

According to Wikileaks, the video is still classified by the US military, but Wikileaks claims that the public has a right to know, which is why Wikileaks released the video despite its classified status.

The video shown here is just a snippet of the original videos released by Wikileaks.

To see the longer versions of the video, go to

5 thoughts on “US Chopper Killing Iraqi Civillians Caught on Video”

  1. in the full video one can easily see the rocket propelled grenade launcher in the guys hands. these rpgs are what take out humvees and choppers. All those in this vid seem to be combatants, for any citizen would high-tail-it out of there with a chopper circling above and guys on the ground who are hiding weapons under their long coats. NO this is not murder ~ it is a look at the justified horrors of war.

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