Update to Dominick Calhoun: Mother Left and Returned during Beating

Corrine Baker, Dominick's Mother

A Michigan news web site is reporting today that Corrine Baker, the mother of four-year-old Dominick Calhoun, who was beaten and tortured to death last week, left the apartment on Friday to keep a doctor’s appointment.

Baker’s parents picked her up to go to the doctor and then returned her home again to her apartment.

Friday was the second day of a four day torture spree during which Baker’s live-in boyfriend, Brandon Hayes, allegedly beat and tortured Dominick to death.

Brandon Hayes

According to a petition filed by the Department of Human Services, at no time during her brief trip away from her home, the site of an ongoing murder, did Baker attempt to notify anyone about the horrific events that were occurring in her home while she was at the doctor.

She told no one about it–not the police, not her doctor and not even her parents who chauffeured her to the doctor.

Although it is difficult to imagine why Baker would tell no one about the beating and torture that was happening in her apartment at the same time while she was at the doctor, apparently that is what happened.

Baker “did not report that anything was wrong between herself, children or (Hayes),” the petition said.

Baker, herself, was also allegedly beaten by the 24-year-old Hayes during the four day torture spree, including when Hayes allegedly pulled out clumps of her hair.

Lil' Dominick

Court documents also stated that Dominick suffered burns to his genitals, although he was not sexually assaulted.  “Thank God, really,” said Argentine Township police Chief Dan Allen. “He went through enough.”

Thus far, the 25-year-old Baker has not been charged by authorities with any crimes related to the four day beatings, but authorities have not ruled that out.

Dominick’s older half-brother, Tyler, was not injured during the beatings, but he has been placed in protective care. The state of Michigan has filed the necessary paperwork to terminate Baker’s parental rights to Tyler.

The court has ordered Baker not to contact her son, Tyler, or to attend Dominick’s funeral.

A memorial page to Dominick has been set up on Facebook.

For more extensive details about the murder please go to Memorial to Dominick Calhoun, 4-year-old Tortured to Death.

3 thoughts on “Update to Dominick Calhoun: Mother Left and Returned during Beating”

  1. That worthless pathetic human did attend the funeral. She was in a private room with gaurds, rumor has it. I hope she rots…She is too responsible!

  2. Scalp both them ignorant (deleted). They aren’t even human anymore. I will devour them!

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