Teen Gang Jumps, Brutally Beats 73-year-old – Caught on Video

A Cleveland gang of six teenagers is caught on video as they jump a 73-year-old man and his 51-year-old friend. The gang brutally beat both men until they were bloody and unable to resist.

Cleveland Police Sergeant David Rutt says the teens bagan their attack after the man and his 51-year-old friend, got angry because the teens were loitering near his house.

“There was a group of six to seven juveniles standing in the driveway, blocking their entrance,” said Sgt. Rutt. “The juveniles became more aggressive.”

The two men left their home to avoid the teens and to go to the market to phone the police. The 51-year-old man went inside the store while the other man remained in the car.

“The juveniles followed them down to the market and while the one man is inside using the phone to call police, the crowd began to taunt the passenger,” said Sgt. Rutt.

As the teens, who are from 15-18 years old, were attempting to get the 73-year-old man from his car, his 51-year-old friend came to his assistance. The teens then turned on the 51-year-old, relentlessly kicking and punching him until he could no longer fight back.

Then the teens pulled the 73-year-old man from the vehicle and also punched and kicked him until he was bloody and unable to move.

Both men were hospitalized, one with facial fractures. Police have arrested four of the teens in the video and are searching for two more of the perpetrators.


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