Purse Snatchers Meet Vigilante Justice – Caught on Video

Two purse snatchers in Wenzhou, China, are meted out a dose of vigilante justice after the street turns alive with would-be Sir Galahads who pummel and beat the purse snatchers with sticks, furniture and anything else that happens to be handy.

In the photo below two men on a motorcycle are approaching a female pedestrian holding her purse in her left hand as she walks down the street. Inside the area highlighted in yellow you can see the passenger on the motorcycle is reaching out to grab the pedestrian’s purse.

Immediately after the purse is snatched the motorcycle turns the corner with the two men still aboard clutching the victim’s purse. The men speed off and that should have been the end of it, a perfect crime with a clean getaway–almost.

Something occurs around the corner out of the camera’s field of view that spoils the thieves’ getaway. People begin appearing from everywhere and nowhere rushing to the victim’s aid.

Soon the street is literally filled with vigilantes intent upon rectifying the theft. The thieves are chased back into view of the camera by what has become an angry mob of vigilantes.

One of the thieves, who was dubbed “Bold Gangster” and “Diabolical Gangster” by the Chinese blogosphere, brandishes a knife with a near 20 inch (50 cm) blade, swinging at any vigilante who dares come near him.

Despite the danger of the “Bold Gangster’s” weapon, the mob surges ahead subduing the robbers, who eventually disappear off camera.

Chinese bloggers have been hailing the vigilantes as heroes and bestowing upon them such monikers as “Broom Man,” “Stool Man” and “Cardboard Box Man” depending upon their choice of weapon to help subdue the crooks.

This remarkable demonstration of solidarity by the Chinese people of Wenzhou proves that today’s Chinese people bear character that Americans can only wish for. Compare this incident with a recent incident in New York City during which pedestrians ignored and stepped around a man dying on the sidewalk (Passersby Ignore Good Samaritan Dying on NYC Sidewalk – Video).

China is clearly a nation of the future, and the US will be an also-ran nation unless Americans somehow manage to heal some serious character flaws.

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