Drunk Driver Launches Car Over Toll Booth – Caught on Video

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Yasmine Villasana, an allegedly drunk driver at the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, airport, drove her car so fast toward a toll booth that she launched her vehicle over the toll booth when she accidentally hit a ramp in front of the booth. Her 2006 Chev Impala is highlighted in yellow in the above slideshow.

Yasmine Villasana Mug Shot
Yasmine Villasana Mug Shot

The accident, which was caught on video, caused her car to fly over another vehicle and burst into flames upon landing. The police report states that, amazingly enough, Yasmine only had a broken wrist, and no one else was injured.

Yasmine’s Chev Impala suffered a fatal blow and had to be retired to an auto graveyard. Yasmine’s mug shot is to the right.

It is said that the driver was slightly ticked off when the control tower refused to clear her for take off, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Of course, that is only speculation, but airport authorities did confirm that Yasmine had filed no flight plan.

Any seasoned pilot will tell you that you will never be cleared for take off until you file a flight plan.

Ms. Villasana told police that her vehicle had been rear ended by another vehicle “which caused her vehicle to strike the Toll Booth Protector Barricade, launch into the air, land on the roadway and catch on fire.” Ms. Villasana also tried to re-enter her vehicle even though it was still on fire.

For whatever reason the police doubted her story, administered a breathalyzer test and subsequently arrested Ms. Villasana for driving while intoxicated.

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