Drunk Videos, New Drunk Joke


We have been remiss in posting drunk stories and videos lately, so we are offering a couple of drunk humor videos and a totally new drunk joke. BTW you will really like the drunk joke because it is classic Irish comedy featuring the adventures of Michael Murphy himself.

The first video was taken somewhere in either Russia or one of the former Soviet republics, judging from the language spoken. As you know Russians often excel at inebriation so it is only fitting that we acknowledge their drunken prowess with a video in Mother Russia’s honor.

As you see from the photo above our hero is at the beach and is simply attempting to get dressed. His problem lies in mistaking his pants for his shirt, which results in a dramatic challenge for our new friend, Yuri.

Let’s see how Yuri handles himself:

Well, so much for how well Yuri handles his vodka. All he needed to remember was one leg at a time. Poor Yuri!

I don’t know about you, but I found all of that giggling in the background a bit annoying. That is the problem with YouTube vids, sometimes you have to take what you get.



At least we are not forced to endure endless giggling in our second drunken video. The background in this vid is a song called “Yakkety Sax” and is something we commonly heard on the Benny Hill TV series. Thankfully, the “Yakkety Sax” fits the mood of our video perfectly.

In this video we find ourselves among three intoxicated revelers, two of whom feel a need to mount a statue of a horse. Their inebriated state has clearly diminished their excellence at a vertical jump, but has in no way dampened their enthusiasm.

Let’s join our trio during their visit with Mr. Ed:

Mr. Ed was well ahead of our tipsy triumvirate until they broke his legs, which is foul play in anybody’s language. Naturally, our liquored up friends quickly skulked away into the night rather than face responsibility for their dastardly deed. What will Wilbur say?

You know what happens to horses with more than one broken leg. We’re afraid it is off to the glue factory for poor ole Mr. Ed. That’s no way to treat a talking horse now is it?


We promised you a new drunk story, but let us warn you this one is just slightly on the blue side, but only marginally so.

Having warned the faint of heart among us let us re-introduce you to our good Irish friend Michael Murphy who is as boozed up a lad as you’ll find either side of the Atlantic. If Michael is not three sheets to the wind by the Noon hour then it must be election day, because why else would the drinking establishments of Dublin be closed?

We join Michael as he arrives for his appointment with Dr. Kevin O’Phelan for his annual checkup. Michael has been worrying about his health lately because he has not been feeling his best, so he is concerned that he may finally be paying the price for his incessant drinking.

Dr. Kevin has required that Michael strip down to his bvd’s, and Michael has dutifully complied. As Dr. Kevin begins going about his business with Michael, he suddenly looks up at the lad and says in an authoritative tone, “Michael, I am afraid you are going to have to stop masturbating.”

“Oh my Lord, God!” exclaims a shocked Michael. “Why?”

“Because I’m trying to examine you,” replies Dr. Kevin.


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