Slap Happy Cat, Stuck Cat, One Cool Cat – Videos

Cats dominate today’s post starting with one cool kitty and a jealous slap happy cat not afraid to voice its opinion. Hopefully you will have stronger feelings about our feline presentation than the rather sleepy and languid cat above who appears to live in the lap of luxury.

It must be nice.

Despite the tone set by one apathetic Angie above we boldly begin our first video with one kool kat, Joe Cool in fact. Joe is the Cat in the Hat and is so cool that he seems to assume that others share his rather high opinion of his coolness.

The envious Beedow obviously does not agree and tries slapping Joe into next year.

Let’s have a look:

That is a very catty maneuver by olde Beedow, and it appears that she just cannot handle a really cool cat. The Cat in the Hat, Joe Cool, is clearly ticked by Beedow’s attitude. Neither Joe nor Beedow handle themselves anything like a Dr. Seuss character would have in a similar situation.

Let’s hope that the cats’ owner does not leave these two home alone together because Beedow’s bellicose feelings toward our little Joe Cool just might result in more violence.


What happens when an adventurous cat enters and exits home via a window that is ajar just ever so slightly? Usually nothing, until today that is.

No one knows how it happened, and our embarrassed feline is not talking so we can only guess. This little girl lives in a second floor walk-up in a block of flats smack in the center of Bucharest, Romania.

Today she managed to get into trouble that she could not get herself out of.

Let’s join her during her struggles:

Thank the Lord for good Samaritans because without them this cat would be waiting until the boss got home. That is assuming that the cat lives in this apartment and was not interloping, something many a cat has been known to do.

This girl was obviously agitated that her privacy was left hanging out for all to see. Romanians apparently do not hesitate to butt into the affairs of others because there seemed to be no shortage of onlookers willing to record the event on their mobile phones.

This is one Romanian kitty whose most embarrassing moment has been preserved for posterity on the Internet. Ah, if only we were all so fortunate!

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