Puppy Throwing Monster of a Girl Drowns Puppies – Caught on Video

A puppy throwing monster of a girl is caught on video in the act of drowning a bucketful of puppies that appear to be only days old. One by one this young unknown girl tosses the puppies into a rushing river with a current that is clearly too fast for the puppies to survive.

That appears to be the point of the exercise for the girl obviously intends to drown the puppies.

A few of the puppies yelp as she picks them out of the bucket because she is not too gentle while picking them up. The tiny little pups are not much bigger than the girl’s hand.

The girl even callously says “whee” as she tosses one pup to its death. She appears not to care one ounce for the lives of the young doggies she is killing because her body language is quite normal while she tosses the cute little devils.

You can be sure you will hear more about this incident, and it is unlikely that the identity of the girl and her accomplice camera handler will remain unknown for long.


Puppy Throwing Girl Identified?

The girl in the red hoodie who shocked and angered the entire planet by throwing six puppies only days old into a river to drown has been tentatively identified as Katja Puschnik from the town of Bugojno, Bosnia.

14 thoughts on “Puppy Throwing Monster of a Girl Drowns Puppies – Caught on Video”

  1. What a horrible person! she has no couth, no soul, no care about life. this is horrible. she needs to be locked away in a pysch ward.

  2. whoa that is sick… how can you do that i mean that was not funny or cute, what if someone did that to her as a baby. but she will get hers God will get her. and for those who don’t believe in God Karma will bite her so hard for what she has done. there was no compassion i men was she on drugs?

  3. The in the hell is wrong with her what a messed up person!! She clearly needs some help!! Send her to a mental hospital!!

  4. when i saw this i cried.i just cant even believe that any person could treat innocent pups like that.All that was going through those poor pups heads was ‘what have i done wrong?’ they dont deserve this and i hope that ugly bogger bitch dies in a hole 🙂

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