Puppy Throwing Girl Identified?

The girl in the red hoodie who shocked and angered the entire planet by throwing six puppies only days old into a river to drown has been tentatively identified as Katja Puschnik from the town of Bugojno, Bosnia. However, her identity has not been absolutely confirmed.

Members of the web site 4chan.org managed to track her by tracking down the owner of the YouTube account that originally uploaded the now infamous video to YouTube. If you have not seen the video watch it here.

A second video was uploaded to YouTube, purportedly by Ms. Puschnik, apologizing for the incident. However YouTube quickly removed the video. Below is a photo from the video taken before its removal from YouTube:

It is unknown if the apology is real or merely a hoax.

Both PETA and Rescue Ink have separately each offered $2,000 rewards for information to the perpetrator’s capture. Film director Michael Bay, who directed Transformers, has reportedly offered a $50,000 reward.

Some web sites are reporting that the camera man was the girl’s brother, who also reportedly uploaded the video to YouTube.


Puppy Throwing Monster of a Girl Drowns Puppies – Caught on Video

This is the original video of the incident.

6 thoughts on “Puppy Throwing Girl Identified?”

  1. They actually say that’s not her real name, but that’s not what made my blood boil, THIS WAS **!…
    “but she’s a minor and as such her name cannot be released. ”
    You got to be f****** kidding meee, DAAAMN!!!! :@

    F*****************K THE F****** LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edited by admin for profanity.

  2. Little piece of s***! If she isn’t lying about why she did it, she’s still a monster for doing so – there is no excuse. There are other, more compassionate ways to handle those puppies – throwing them in the RIVER is certainly NOT one of them!

    Sick … either she’s mentally ill, a sadistic little piece of trash, or she’s just stupid. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for her at all – especially when she made the MONUMENTALLY IDIOTIC decision to advertise her cold-blooded actions on YOUTUBE!

    What sickens me is she’s not going to be severely punished by the law because they’re just puppies – if it were human babies she’d be ARRESTED!

    (P.S. I refer to her as a ‘little piece of trash’ rather than ‘b***h’ because doing so in these circumstances would be … an example of VERY bad taste.

    Edited by admin for profanity.

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