Is TSA Lying About Anonymous Scanners?

The federal government’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has promised the general public that no one can be identified from a photo taken by the new TSA scanner that can see through clothing. But is that the truth?

The photo above supposedly was taken by one of the TSA scanners according to several web sites I found it on.

The second photo is the negative of that photo.  Much more of the subjects private parts can be observed in the second photo. Could an expert at Photoshop sharpen up the facial features in order to identify the person?

According to CBS News, the third photo is another of the government scanner photos, and it is quite obvious that identifying much in the photo would be difficult.

The fourth photo is a copy of the third photo and has been “doctored” on an Internet web site that allows you to adjust your photos. The subject’s “junk” is much clearer on the fourth photo than on the third, although I am not sure why he has two belly buttons.

Could a PhotoShop expert identify this man by doctoring the photo? It seems that the TSA photos may not anonymous after all. What may happen is an unethical TSA agent will make a copy of the naked photo of someone famous and sell it.

The “nekkid” photo will then hit the Internet and the TSA will have to back pedal big time. Nothing is what it appears to be, not yet anyway.

7 thoughts on “Is TSA Lying About Anonymous Scanners?”

  1. The first picture (of the woman) is a fake TSA scan. It’s the negative of a nude photo, so of course the negative of a negative looks like a real nude photo.

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