“Then I See His Penis Out” – Video

A loud, redheaded woman who is all New Yorker nabs a flasher on the subway with the help of a couple passengers.

The trash mouth redhead is not afraid to give the flasher a piece of her mind, and her language is not at all pretty, so you have been warned. The vid is safe for work if you have headphones, otherwise it’s NSFW.

The redhead recounts the deed, “I realize he has all this fucking space here.”

“Then I see his penis out! That’s it. Oh, you’re getting fucking arrested. I’m not leaving your side. My plans are done for the night. I’m escorting you to the police station. Okay? Oh yes! Oh, fucking yes. I know what I saw.”

“Where is the fuck is the conductor? Where is the conductor?”

Allegedly, the flasher exposes his johnson covered in a condom. Perhaps he thought that if he exposed little Pierre all covered up, he could not be arrested for indecent exposure?

The really strange thing is that the flasher appears to be a big strapping guy, yet he is meekly submitting to those around him. You would think he might try to fight his way out.

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