Watch Minneapolis Metrodome Roof Collapse – Video

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The Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in the Twin Cities collapsed under the weight of snow from a blizzard that hit the Twin Cities Saturday. The storm left from 17 to 22 inches of snow throughout Minneapolis-St Paul area. The roof of the dome that covers Mall of America Field just could not handle the weight.

The Minnesota Vikings was to play the New York Giants under the dome at 12 o’clock Noon today, Sunday. That game has been rescheduled for Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit at 7:20 pm ET. General admission tickets at that games will be free to first comers.

The New York Giants’ plane diverted to Kansas City on Saturday because of the blizzard, but the team had planned to leave early Sunday morning and to arrive in Minnesota in time to play. But the roof collapsed overnight, the fourth time in the building’s nearly 30-year history that has happened.

Editor’s note: We only recently noticed that nine seconds into the first video on the far side of the football field you can see a worker on an electric cart scurrying for all he’s worth to get off the field before the collapse.

The first video is an interior view of the roof collapsing:

Metrodome officials informed the NFL that the roof would not be repaired in time to play on either Monday or Tuesday. The league considered Detroit, Indianapolis and the new University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, which had shut down for winter, before finally deciding upon Ford Field.

Fox News reported that Vikings defensive end Brian Robison tweeted, “I think this is officially the craziest season ever; now the roof collapses at the Metrodome. Can’t wait to see what happens now. Let’s make it even crazier and just take the roof off and play outside.”

Fox News also reported that two triangle-shaped panels on the dome’s roof were damaged and officials were still sizing up the options early Sunday, according to Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Executive Director Bill Lester.

The roof is approximately 10 acres of 580,000 pounds of Teflon-coated fiberglass which is supported by 20 fans rated at 90 horsepower each.

After the roof collapsed the first three times in the 1980’s Metrodome officials decided to increase the inside air pressure provided by the 20 fans. That had solved the collapsing problem until now. The dome even survived the Halloween blizzard in 1991 that dumped 36 inches of snow on the dome, which was twice the amount of snow that caused the collapse this time.

The second video is the Metrodome after the collapse:

ABC News reported that workers were kept out of the Metrodome for safety reasons Sunday morning, but by late morning workers were on top of the dome clearing snow.

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