Shootout In Waco – Caught on Video

Two armed robbers try to rob a tobacco store in Waco, Texas, but the shop owner has a different idea in mind, as he casually shoots it out with the crooks. Best of all, the action is caught on the tobacco store surveillance camera. In the above photo, the desperados’ hand guns are highlighted in yellow.

Watch the video and you will see that Amar Kayeh, the owner of the Fiesta Smoke Shop, is one tough merchant.

The action begins when Amar and a store employee are minding the store shortly after Midnight on Wednesday morning.

Two armed robbers suddenly burst into the store with guns drawn and point them at Kayeh and his clerk, who are behind the counter. The crooks demand money and cigarettes, which Kayeh readily hands over.

“I knew what they wanted really so I opened up the cash register right away and waited for my chance to shoot them.” Kayeh says. He keeps a loaded revolver hidden behind the counter.

The robbers were evidently aware that he kept a gun because he says they continually insisted that he hand it over to them. “I was just trying to avoid the question, so every time he asked, I said take some cigarettes, take some money over here.”

As the marauders attempt to make their getaway the shooting begins. Amar believes one of the perps was shot, but he and his clerk are uninjured.

Kayeh says that during the shootout, “he was only in his zone,” and he was not frightened during the shooting.

Why did he take the risk and fight back? “He wanted to teach the bandits a lesson,” says Amar. This is not the first time his store was robbed, and this robbery is only the latest in a string of robberies plaguing Waco convenience stores.

Says Amar, “I don’t want to be no easy bait…If you don’t shoot them, every day you have somebody come in here trying to rob you. I just wanted to make an example out of them.”

Amar is leaving the bullet holes just as they are as a warning to other would be robbers.

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