Japan Tsunami Rocks its Coast – 6 Videos

An 8.9 Magnitude earthquake that hit Japan this morning also triggered a tsunami with waves reportedly up to 23 feet high in some areas of Japan.

The epicenter of the quake was just off the coast of Sendai, an area that also received massive damage and loss of life due to the tsunami.

Sendai City airport was quickly flooded by the tsunami wave which was caught on closed circuit security TV.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the 8.9-magnitude earthquake was the strongest in the country’s history, however, other reports claimed it was the 5th strongest.

Television footage showed towering waves with an average reported height of 12 meters, or about 13 feet. However, other waves were reported as high as 23 feet.

The massive tsunami wave surged toward the northeastern shoreline, pulling cars into the water and knocking boats and buildings onto their sides.

This first video is an Associated Press Report with many shots of the waves in action:

The earthquake is the fifth highest on record in Japan, which is a magnet for quakes considering Japan’s geological makeup. The next video is a Russia Today report of the tsunami wave hitting and practically swallowing a small boat:

This third vid which is also from Russia Today shows the Tsunami hitting the airport with its massive wave, although the report did not specify the airport it is believed to be Sendai City Airport:

A 4th video, this one from the Associated Press, is a general report of the tsunami showing waves causing destruction wherever they go:

Yet a fifth video report comes from Russia Today with lots of tsunami footage:

Our last video is an early report from the Associated Press showing some of the early footage with some dramatic damage from the tsunami:

Although early reports stated as few as 43 dead, later reports placed the death toll in the hundreds, a number that is sure to rise as more reports come in.


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  1. This is a crazy post. I’m so excited to have found this! I can’t wait to let everyone know about this.

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