Dad Decapitates Disabled Son, Leaves Head for Mother to Find

A Louisiana man has been arrested and charged with murdering his 7-year-old disabled son by decapitation because he had grown tired of caring for the boy, who had cerebral palsy and heart problems, needed a feeding tube and used a wheelchair, police said.

Jeremiah Lee Wright, 30, of Thibodaux, Louisiana, admitted to performing the dastardly decapitation and body dismemberment to his son, Jori Lirette, over the kitchen sink on Sunday. A preliminary autopsy indicated Jori had also been bludgeoned. Police Chief Scott Silverii said Monday that Wright confessed to killing Lirette within a half-hour of being brought to the police station Sunday.

Silverii said the boy’s feet and one hand also were cut off and were found in several white plastic garbage bags.  Police say a passerby saw Lirette’s head on the sidewalk outside the family’s home Sunday afternoon. It was left near garbage bags containing the child’s dismembered body. The passerby called police, who arrived a minute later.

His head was left by the side of the road so the child’s mother, 27-year-old Jesslyn Lirette, would see it when she came home, chief Silverii said. Wright’s explanation was “just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head,” Silverii said.

Wright told investigators he started killing his son about 30 minutes after Jesslyn Lirette had left Sunday to repair her pickup truck so she could take Jori to a doctor Tuesday.

When Lirette returned from fixing the truck, she found her home blocked by police tape. Upon Lirette identifying herself, Silverii had a captain and Detective Ricky Ross, a department spokesman and a minister for 12 years, tell her what happened.

“These are experienced men. They came out of there in tears. Just absolutely in tears,” Silverii said.

Authorities said the mother was so grief-stricken when she got to the scene, she had to be hospitalized.

Wright was booked with a charge of first-degree murder and is being held in lieu of $5 million bond. Police said he has a criminal record including drug charges and contempt of court though he was never charged with violent crimes. Wright served 10 days for theft in 2005. Police responded to a domestic call exactly a month before the murder and found the mother and father arguing. No one was arrested at that time because there was no physical fight.

Thibodaux police Capt. Calvin Cooks said about the crime, “When you have a 7-year-old child, innocent child, that’s killed, that had no way to protect himself, it’s such a shock…”

Jesslyn Lirette told The Thibodaux Daily Comet that she and Wright had been together for 10 years, but that she had planned for some time to leave him.

“I didn’t get out fast enough,” she said.


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