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Britney Spears Bikini Shots – Looking Hot


Britney Spears must be very serious about changing her ways because she was spotted by the paparazzi recently in Las Vegas hanging around the pool of the Mirage in her bikini. This girl is looking very good.


Her body looks a lot more toned, and she has lost that matronly look that she had been sporting when her behavior was out of control.

If Britney keeps up this weight loss regimen and regains her old hot looks, there could be no stopping her quest to be back on top of the music world.

But celebrity news has been rather boring lately since our little bad girl turned over a new leaf. She is not out shaving her head or running over paparazzi feet.

And she hasn’t attacked anyone lately with her unbrella. It’s really b-o-r-i-n-g!

Now that Britney is behaving, Lindsay Lohan has quit drugs (?) and Nicole Richie is taking care of her baby, the only celebrity causing trouble is Amy Winehouse.

Thank God for ol’ Amy. What would we do without her?

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph said that “She’s in the middle of recording her next album, which is going amazingly well, and her focus remains on the studio.”

See? Boring.

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Vanessa Hudgens New Album More “Soulful”

It’s being reported that Vanessa Hudgens has said that her new album has a “more grown-up” sound than her last one. The 19-year-old star of Disney‘s “High School Musical” series expects to have the new album out before the release of “High School Musical 3.”

Said Hudgens, “It’s really fun, R and B, soulful. I’m still waiting to work with the big producers. I’m trying to work out another movie before we start “High School Musical 3” as well, but I’m trying to figure out everyone’s schedule – it’s very complicated.”

Vanessa was the victim of someone leaking nude photos of her back in September, but Disney has stood by her and signed her to a contract to star in HSM3.

Below is Vanessa’s video “Say OK”

So she seems to have bounced back from that un-scandal. The online tabloids created many rumors that she was to be dropped from the HSM series because of the nude photos and that she and boyfriend/co-star Zac Efron were breaking up.

None of the rumors proved to be true since filming of HSM3 begins in January. Plus she and Zac have been photographed together lately many times by the paparazzi in different locations all over LA.

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