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Two Great White Sharks Gang Attack Surfer – Video

Two Sharks Gang Attack Surfer - Video

Imagine you are surfing the waves at the famous Nahoon Reef on the East coast of South Africa near East London. The surf at Nahoon Reef is legendary as is the swimming at Nahoon Beach, which is merely a stone’s throw away. The uncrowded pristine sands of Nahoon Beach stretch on for kilometer after kilometer, and the sea at Nahoon is clear and unpolluted. This is an ocean paradise for both swimmer and surfer alike, and the remarkable waves at Nahoon Reef are so exhilarating and challenging that top surfers flock here to ride the waves.

Suddenly, two great white sharks attack you simultaneously. The attacks are so coordinated that you are convinced that the sharks are working together because how could such an attack be just coincidence?

You believe that the sharks are attracted to the shiny dark color of your wet suit, which may make you appear like a seal to the sharks. Great whites often come to Nahoon Reef to dine on sardines and seals, so today you are merely one more meal for the sharks.


The first shark knocks you off your surfboard and into the air. As you splash back into the surf, the same shark bites into your right hand pulling you under the surf toward the bottom of the ocean floor. Ocean predators, such as great whites and killer whales, often use this tactic on seals to drown them.

Meanwhile the second shark makes a move for your head and shoulders. The sharks’ movements appear so choreographed that you cannot believe that this attack is really two separate independent assaults rather than a planned gang attack. Only the sharks know for sure and, naturally, they aren’t talking.

Of course this attack never happened to you, but it did happen to Shannon Ainslie, who often surfs Nahoon Reef with his brother Brandon.

Watch the video to learn how Shannon survived this remarkable exploit:


Two Sharks Gang Attack Surfer – Video

Two Great White Sharks both attack a surfer at the same time almost making it seem like it was a planned gang attack.

Brothers Shannon and Brandon Ainslie often surf at famous Nahoon Reef off the coast of East London, South Africa. Nahoon Reef abuts Nahoon Beach, which is both a surfing and swimming paradise. The beach boasts kilometers of uncrowded and unpolluted sand and sea, and Nahoon Reef produces some remarkable waves, making surfing both exhilarating and somewhat of a challenge. High level surfers naturally flock there.

This one sunny day two great white sharks decided to make a meal of brother Shannon.

Great whites often come to Nahoon Reef to dine on seals and sardines, but these two great whites actually appeared to work together to dine on Shannon, who was surfing in a dark wet suit, which could easily make him look like a seal to the sharks.

The first shark knocked Shannon off of his surfboard and into the air. When he fell back into the surf, the first shark took a bite of his right hand pulling him under the surf toward the bottom of the ocean floor at the same time.

Not to be outdone, the second shark made a move for Shannon’s head and shoulders. Watch the video for the thrilling conclusion of this remarkable tale.

Oh No! Someone stole the video! But I found another copy. Check it out on my updated page.

What an incredibly lucky man Shannon Ainslie was.

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Movie Star Zac Efron Attacked in London

Teen heartthrob and movie star Zac Efron was attacked in London on Wednesday night by what some described as a “deranged fan.”

Zac, the star of Disney’s High School Musical (HSM) series was exiting the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End theater district with his long time girl friend and HSM co-star, Vanessa Hudgens. They had just watched Rain Man starring Josh Hartnett.

Suddenly an unlikely fan, a spectacled middle-aged man, began shouting loudly and pointing his finger at Zac. The man, who was quite close to Zac at the time, then lunged for Zac and tried to grab either Zac or his hair.

Fortunately for Zac, a security guard was near enough to step in the way of the attacking man. The guard placed himself between the man and Zac so the hot heartthrob was able to avoid any injury.

Had the security guard not been so close, there is no telling what might have happened. The attacker carried a laptop computer under his left arm and reached for Zac with his right.

Zac is used to throngs of teen-age girls swooning and screaming at him whenever he is seen in public, so the thought of a middle-aged man lunging at him is not something Zac is used to or probably cares to get used to.

It was definitely a taste of the dark side for Zac because one never knows what one lone man is capable of when he is near a celebrity. Thoughts of the death of John Lennon drift in when something like this happens.

According to one witness to the incident, “Some guy was just stood (sic) near the door where Zac and Vanessa emerged.

“He just reached over and grabbed the side of Zac’s head. There was no provocation. It all turned into a bit of a mess.

“He was shouting all kinds of things at Zac. Their security team eventually dealt with it. They had to bundle Zac into a car, but at one point it looked as though the man was going to be pushed into it with him.”

Zac was unhurt during the incident, and the man was initially held by the security staff but was then released. No one reported the attack to the police, which means that the security staff apparently believed that the man was not really so “deranged” after all.

It appears that the incident did not ruffle the young film star who portrays Troy Bolton in High School Musical 3, which is to be released in US theaters on October 24th.

Zac, Vanessa, Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu are all in the cast of High School Musical 3, and they were all in London for the film’s London premiere, which occurred Tuesday night.

Zac, Vanessa and entourage were spotted eating together at the Floridita restaurant in Soho later that evening.

One of the restaurant’s patrons said Zac “was quite relaxed and looked like he was enjoying himself.”

“Some of them were dancing to salsa music, so they must have put the scuffle out of their minds.”

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Subway Hammer Attack Caught on Video

A Philadelphia man is attacked on the subway by a hammer wielding man and it is all caught on tape. The attack was unprovoked and appeared completely random.

Thomas Scantling, 26, who was arrested by the Philadelphia police, has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder and is allegedly the attacker in the video.

Scantling is riding the subway with his six-year-old son after midnight, when he instructs his son to sit down.

Scantling then removes a hammer from a carry-on bag and allegedly begins to strike a sleeping passenger again and again with the hammer. The blows appear to be brutal, vicious and unrelenting. The attacker clearly means to harm the victim.

As the train rolls to a stop and the exit doors open, the attack moves from the train to the platform with the victim attempting to defend himself.

The first video is a short report on the incident by a Philadelphia TV station and includes raw footage of the attack:

Although several other passengers are aboard the train, none of them make any effort to help the victim. In fact, some of them quickly leave the area.

Police identified the victim as 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor, who was on his way home after work. Taylor made his own way to a local hospital after the attack, was treated for head and neck wounds and released.

Taylor said he did not know his assailant and knew of no reason for the attack.

Scantling’s family had him committed to a mental institution after the attack, and then called authorities identifying him as the attacker.

Scantling has a long criminal history including rape, robbery, assault, and narcotics violations.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey criticized the reaction by the passengers on the train to the assault.

“They better pray they’re never a victim, because if someone was attacking them that way they would certainly hope someone would step forward and help, and it starts with stepping forward and doing something yourself,” Ramsey said.

The second video is a more in-depth report of the assault by NBC:

See video of the hit-and-run incident referred to in the second video.
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More Redneck Graffiti – When a Redneck Attacks – Video

What happens when rednecks attack? Folks it ain’t pretty, but it is funny. Beware of attacking rednecks. Learn more in our video.

Plus, it’s about time we presented a little more redneck graffiti, and we have a couple of new ones that fill the bill.

Poor Bubba got behind in his mortgage payments and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Bubba is a creative devil and came up with this unusual remedy:

I don’t believe that is a solution that will help the average homeowner who is in mortgage trouble.


Redneck Airlines

It’s a busy day at Redneck Airlines, and the passengers on one of its jets are already seated waiting for the pilot to get the plane under way.

Both the pilot and copilot eventually show up in the back of the airplane and start their trek toward the cockpit through the center aisle. The pilot walks along with a white cane, but he is bumping into the passengers right and left while he feels his way up the aisle. It is apparent to anyone that he is blind. The copilot follows the pilot, and he uses a guide dog. Both of them wear sunglasses.

Initially, the passengers look at each other in disbelief, thinking that this has to be some sort of practical joke. Soon though, they hear the engines running, and the airplane starts moving down the runway.

The passengers are a bit shocked and again look at each other, this time with anxiety. They begin to whisper among themselves and many look toward the flight attendants for some type of reassurance.

Then, the plane begins to accelerate rapidly, and now the passengers are starting to panic. Two nuns seated toward the front of the plane pull out rosaries and begin praying. As the plane gets ever nearer to the end of the runway, all of the passengers’ voices grow more hysterical.

Finally the plane has only twenty feet of runway remaining, and the passengers suddenly change the pitch of their voices to shouts as everyone loudly screams simultaneously. At the very last moment, the plane gently lifts off the runway and it is airborne. The plane begins a normal ascent toward its cruising altitude.

In the cockpit, the copilot exhales a sigh of relief and says to the pilot, “You know, one of these days the passengers aren’t going to scream, and we won’t know when to take off.”


When Joe Bob finished high school, he was unsure what he wanted to do with his life. Fortunately for him, the Marine Corps. recruiter knew exactly what Joe Bob wanted to do.

That was one kind hearted Marine recruiter, now wasn’t it?


Last, but not least: What do you do when a redneck attacks? Check out our video.

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