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And Baby Makes…One Too Many?—Viral Video


In the original video on YouTube that went viral in one big hurry, this little man goes ballistic when mom tells him he will soon have a little brother or sister to help take care of.

It seems that there is no telling what some folks’ attitudes will be on any subject. “This is exasperating!” and “it doesn’t make no sense!”


So Cute it Can’t Be Legal


A baby and puppy that are so cute together it just cannot be legal. The baby’s name is Eisleigh and the puppy is known as Clyde. Together they give a whole new meaning to the term cuteness.

Their video has gone viral on YouTube, on AOL and all over the rest of the world. Somehow these two just naturally know how to pose for the camera.

And yes, the puppy is a pitbull. Let’s hope this pup keeps its gentle disposition on through to adulthood.

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Can these two possibly be any cuter? I just don’t think that’s possible.


Painfully Cute Joey Powling Jr

This ridiculously cute pic of Joey Powling Jr has gone viral, and you can understand why. Poor little Joey! I have the same scar from heart surgery so I can empathize with lil’ Joe. Hope he’s not in too much pain.

A real pic of New york from outer space on 911. Amazing!

Car Smashes into Grocery Store Hitting Baby Carriage – Video

OMG!…This action packed video shows a car smashing into a Publix grocery store and mowing down five adults and a baby carriage in the process.

Most of the action takes place within the first six seconds of the vid. About 50-60 seconds into the video you will be able to see the car cruising through the store still taking out store displays along the way. At 1:45 into the video several shoppers and store employees lift up one side of the car to free an 83-year-old man who was pinned under the vehicle.

Although you cannot see the details because everything happens so quickly, this video depicts a violent scene of five luckless victims and a baby carriage being wiped out by the speeding auto, which was traveling about 50 miles per hour according to witnesses. Why would anyone be driving 50 mph in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store?

Do not watch this video if you are squeamish.

Ten people including a baby in the baby carriage were injured during the accident which occurred Saturday, April 14th, in the central Florida town of Palm Coast.

The driver, 76-year-old Thelma Wagenhoffer, was charged with careless driving after she drove her 2004 Toyota Camry through the entrance of the Publix grocery store plowing her vehicle into a crowd of people and store displays.

Investigators determined that the car’s brakes were working properly, which may rule out mechanical problems as a cause. However, the car is a Toyota Camry, which has a history of autos accelerating by themselves. This video may prove that Toyotas still have problems with sticking gas pedals. Amazingly, it is difficult to believe that no one was killed in this incident, especially the baby in the baby carriage.

Neighbors claim that Wagenhoffer is normally a good driver, and that she would not answer her door to speak to reporters.

“Yeah, its bad…it’s a bad deal…its really got her tore up,” said one neighbor who declined being identified. “She never said a word. I don’t think she knows what happened to tell you the truth. I think she just had a bad experience, bad accident, bad day.”

“Drunk” Baby Trashes Bar – Video

A baby who appears to have had too many margaritas trashes a make believe bar in Las Palmas. Behaving like so many other out of control drunks, the baby steals food and drink from another patron’s table and falls down drunk smashing a chair and a table in the process.

The “bar” is really a tiny size set for a movie, and the “patrons” are actually puppets on a string. Our video is really a trailer for an upcoming short film, Las Palmas.

The baby is real however, and the film is the brainstorm of Johannes Nyholm, who is a 37-year-old Swedish director with a lot of imagination. His other shorts can be found at

This imaginative video has quickly gone viral on YouTube with about 7 million views.


Baby Twins Talk in Funny, Animated Conversation – Viral Video

Two baby twins are caught in the act of conversing with each other in a pleasantly animated fashion. It is hard to believe that these two do not understand at least some of what they are saying to each other.

Make no mistake about it, each is intent upon conversing with the other twin. Their arm and foot gestures are so believable that this vid has gone viral in a very short amount of time with over 23 million views in less than three months.

Well, those two certainly convinced me. I am not sure what point they were trying to make, but I believe that they believe it.

Mother Throws Newborn Baby into Snowbank

21-year-old Ashley Couch allegedly threw her newborn baby into the snow in Minneapolis Saturday morning and then left her there in 12 degree temperatures. The baby was only 18 days old at the time and still had a newborn hospital tag on her toe.

Keith St. Pierre was getting off a bus Saturday morning when he saw a woman throw her baby into the snowbank and run away.

St. Pierre quickly crossed the street and picked up the newborn infant. The girl, whose skin was red, was cold to the touch and would not wake up, St. Pierre told police officers who responded to the scene. He rubbed her chest for about 10 seconds until she eventually responded. He then wrapped the baby in his jacket while calling 911.

St. Pierre was so excited when he dialed 911 that the police dispatcher hung up on him calling him hysterical. He again called 911 remaining calm enough to induce the dispatcher to send a squad car to his location.

At that time Ashley Couch, the baby’s mother, returned to claim her child. According to a police report, Couch was angry at her newborn’s father when she allegedly threw the baby.

‘I can’t believe you did that to my baby!’

Police stated that Couch allegedly chased her baby’s father down a street Saturday and, when she caught up to him, allegedly threw their newborn girl into a snowbank.

“I can’t believe you did that to my baby!” the child’s father repeatedly screamed at Couch as police arrived at the scene at about 8 a.m. Saturday.

Police stated that the child’s father was upset and crying. He reportedly told officers that Couch had “slammed” their baby into the snow bank, the police complaint said.

It is not clear from the police report why the father did not intervene to care for the baby after the incident.

Couch told police officers at the scene that the baby’s father took some money from her and fled their home. She told them that she grabbed the baby and a blanket, chasing him down the street.

She claimed that when she caught him, she pushed him and the baby fell out of her hands into the snow bank, according to the police complaint. However, Couch’s version of what happened differs markedly from what Keith St. Pierre said he saw and from what a second witness also saw.

The baby was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. Doctors said she was lethargic with cool skin and a body temperature of 95.8 degrees. They placed the child in an incubator treating her for hypothermia, and she recovered.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday charged the mother, Ashley Renee Couch, with child endangerment and child neglect, which are both gross misdemeanors.

The Hennepin County Attorney also states the baby has no lasting problems and is now in protective foster care.

Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel, Teaches it to Purr – Video

Emme, a nursing mother cat took in and adopted a homeless baby squirrel that Emme’s owner placed in with the rest of her litter. The squirrel, which was named Rocky, was nursed by Emme who apparently did not care that the latest addition to its family of kittens was really a squirrel.

In fact, Emme has treated Rocky just the same as the rest of the litter, grabbing young Rocky and dragging him back if he strayed too far from home, for example.

At this point young Rocky does not understand the difference between the rest of the litter and himself. As far as Rocky is concerned, he is just one more cat, one who has learned to purr just like all of the other kittens in the litter.

The question remains if Rocky will remain as welcome as he currently is with his adopted family as he grows older. Only time will tell.

Dad Saves Baby’s Life in Near Death Accident – Caught on Video

Andrew Leich miraculously saved his 4-month-old son Hayden’s life when a driver, who had suffered a heart attack at the wheel, lost control of her vehicle and, while traveling around 45 mph (70 km/h), plowed into a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk in Penrith, West Sydney, Australia.

The vehicle sent most of the pedestrians flying, but it pinned Andrew and Hayden to the front of a real estate broker’s office, as shown in the photo above. Andrew and Hayden are highlighted inside the circle in the photo.

Leich says he will never forget the miraculous moment when he saved his son. “I don’t have to be reminded of it, it’s more or less the first thing that comes up in my mind straight away. It just goes ‘ting’ first thing (when I awake in the morning),” he said.

Leich had no time to think and said he reacted instinctively to protect Hayden as the car bore down upon his family. Moments before the car hit them, Leich had managed to turn slightly shielding Hayden from the power of the collision.

“I can take the hit, that’s what I was thinking, I can repair, there’s no way he’s gonna repair,” said Leich. “So I thought if they hit the back of me, that’s fixable. He’s not fixable.”

Michael Ball, the owner of the real estate office the vehicle crashed into was also on the sidewalk beginning to enter his office when the incident unfolded. As he saw the vehicle hurtling toward him he jumped back out of its path, thereby saving himself, but he also witnessed the entire accident. “It was amazing that he actually didn’t let go of the child at all,” said Ball. “The whole time he had his son in his arms and just didn’t let go.”

Leich’s instincts were correct because Hayden survived the ordeal without a scratch.

The accident occurred on July 2, 2008, but the video was just released this week. Leich was walking with his son, his mum, Caroline Leich, and his father, David Leich.

In the video Leich states that after he realized his son was unharmed, he immediately worried about his parents. In the photo above inside the highlighted circle, Leich’s mum, Caroline, can be seen flying by after being struck by the runaway car.

Both Caroline and David Leigh were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but they have since recovered after spending months in the hospital. Leich and the car’s driver’s injuries were not critical in nature, and they too have recovered.

Leich now feels happy every time he looks at his son. “He’s lucky to be here, but in a way… he wasn’t meant to go that day, neither was mum, neither was dad,” he said.


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Photo of Stillborn Baby Wins Aussie Photo Contest

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Judges in Australia’s most prestigious photography contest have awarded top prize to a photo of a father holding his stillborn baby. The photo in question is the first photo above on the left.

Such a photo has never won before due to the controversial nature of the subject. The other photos above were also winners in various categories in the Head On Festival competition.

The video below provides more details about the award.

If the photo of the father and his baby was taken and entered in the competition without the father’s permission, then the photographer deserves severe castigation IMO, although the video makes it sound as though the family had agreed to the photo.

It is hard to imagine why a father would agree to publicize such a personally difficult moment, but who knows?

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Gil Meydan, the photographer who took the shot of the stillborn baby freely admits in the video that he sought impact rather than beauty in his shot, and he speaks in a rather matter of fact manner when discussing the stillborn child. That is because he is a medical photographer at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, so he is used to viewing scenes of stillborn babies.

Moshe Rosenzveig, the Head On Festival Director, concurs that beauty occupies a second place goal for the photography in his festival. He too emphasizes emotional intensity as the photographer’s primary objective when shooting the photos.

Perhaps it is just me, but the two men sound somewhat like a paparazzo does when he stalks a celebrity for that hot shot that will make him a bundle of money.

Should photographic art be judged on its shock value, for beauty or for some other attribute? IMO shock value simply for the shock it imparts to the viewer has little value at all. Once people are used to photos of stillborn babies photographers will be forced to rachet up the controversial nature of their photography in order to get noticed.

What comes next, photographic art of an abortion in progress?

Editor’s Note: This post was updated 7/14/15


Baby in Stroller Falls under Moving Train – Survives – Video

An extremely fortunate six-month old baby boy strapped into his stroller rolled off a train platform into the path of an oncoming train on Thursday in Melbourne, Australia. Despite being pushed along the train track for 131 feet, the baby ended up with only a small bump and cut on the forehead.

John Rees, a spokesman for train operator Connex, said “It’s a miracle this baby wasn’t killed. The baby managed to escape with just a cut to the forehead, I’m told. It’s a complete miracle.”

The entire incident was captured on closed circuit TV at Ashburton railway station in Melbourne, Victoria. The footage shows the baby’s mother momentarily releasing her grasp on the stroller to adjust her clothing, after which the stroller rolls over the edge of the platform just as a train pulls into the station.

One can see in the video that the baby’s mother was so distraught that she almost went off the platform after the baby. She probably would have had the train not arrived immediately after the stroller slipped onto the tracks.

The miracle baby was treated at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital and then released to his mother.

The following video is an Associated Press report of the incident:


Woman Caught Poisoning Baby Food in Supermarket – Video

50-year-old Shirley Ybarra was allegedly caught on video while injecting poison into jars of baby food and juice containers in a supermarket in the Tamarac, Florida area, which is near Fort Lauderdale.

Broward County Sheriff’s detectives said Ybarra was spotted by a shopper allegedly mixing a black liquid that smelled like ammonia into the jars in a Publix Supermarket. The shopper notified store employees who detained Ybarra until authorities arrived and arrested her.

Store video shows Ybarra wearing rubber gloves standing with a shopping cart in the baby food aisle for about 15 minutes while she allegedly mixed her noxious concoctions while other shoppers and employees are walking by. Shoppers complained that Ybarra’s black mixture smelled of an acrid odor

When Publix employees asked Ybarra what she was doing, she replied that she was mixing the baby food for her son. Ybarra’s only son is 21 years old and lives outside the Fort Lauderdale area.

Ybarra had allegedly brought the substance she was mixing into the store inside a body splash container from Victoria’ Secret.


After the store discovered Ybarra’s actions, all of the store’s baby food was removed from the supermarket’s shelves, while the tainted jars and bottles were sent to be tested at the Food and Drug Administration. Authorities contacted other stores in the area but now do not believe that Ybarra contaminated any products in any other stores. Authorities also stated that the public is not at risk.

Ybarra had been on probation for a stabbing in 2006. She was initially hospitalized for a mental evaluation and subsequently arrested for poisoning and for probation violation. She is currently being held in a South Florida jail.

Initial reports said that Ybarra did not place any of the contaminated products back on the store shelves, but ABC News has reported that she allegedly had done so

The following video is an ABC News report of the incident:

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US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff
Subway Hammer Attack Caught on Video
Two Sharks Gang Attack Surfer

Father Endangers Baby to Film it on Video

Unbelievable video of man (probably the father) deliberately endangering the life of a nine month old baby for the sake of getting it all on video. Do not watch this if you are squeamish!

The video is hosted on and here is the disclaimer presented by LiveLeak:

“Warning: a baby is very fragile and this actually endangers the baby’s life. The possibility of multiple injuries to this child sets this aside from simply “playing with your baby”. If anyone has any information as to either the origins of this video or the person in it please get in touch with a member of the staff.”

If you recognize the man in this video, please contact or call your local police. This guy has to be stopped before he hurts this child.

How this man can think that he is not harming the child is unbelievable.

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Teen with Broken Back Tased 19 Times

Wacky Weather: Rare Red Tornado, Narrow Escape from Flooded Car

Some wacky weather provided some unusual videos last week.

This rare red Colorado tornado is one of four tornadoes that touched down near Denver at the start of the Democratic National Convention. This one was captured on film near Parker, Colorado.

The geological nature of the Rocky Mountains inhibit the formation of many tornadoes, although other parts of Colorado frequently receive their fair share of twisters.

The red twister arrived a day after a rare tornado touched down in the mountains west of Denver. That tornado tossed campers around and slightly injured four people at Witcher Cove Campground, The Denver Post reported.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Park County Coroner Sharon Morris told the newspaper. “And I’ve been here 25 years.”

The red Colorado soil plus the length of time the twister remained in the same area made for an unusual video:

In Apache Junction, Arizona, flood waters tripped up the motorist in the next video and almost dragged her and the child with her under water.

For some unexplained reason, this woman drove her car right into the flood waters, endangering a small child in the process. A couple good Samaritans aided in their dramatic rescue.

The woman and child were very, very lucky. That car almost completely submerged just before it hit the bridge. The weight of the engine was pulling the vehicle down into the water, but the back end was held up, perhaps because it was lighter than the front. This might well have ended tragically.

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Alleged Drug Dealer Forces Baby to Smoke Pot
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Alleged Drug Dealer Forces Baby to Smoke Marijuana – Video

Melvin Blevins, a Pataskala, Ohio, alleged drug dealer is caught on video forcing his 18 month old baby niece to smoke marijuana while he baby sits the infant.

A woman in the original video but not in this section of it is 16-year-old Angel Daily and girlfriend to the 18-year-old Blevins. After he filmed the video Blevins sold the camera to a Columbus, Ohio, pawn shop with the video still on the hard drive.

The pawn shop manager discovered the video on the camera and called police. Both Blevins and his female accomplice were arrested for child endangerment and corrupting another with drugs. They have pleaded innocent.

Blevins had also been indicted separately on a drug bust that included $3.2 million dollars in cash and 2100 pounds of marijuana. The pot was discovered in a trailer parked outside the home of Angel Dailey’s father, Donald Dailey.

Some Blogger and YouTube videos have been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you must click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

The drug bust is reportedly the largest in Ohio history with the pot having been compressed into bricks. The cash was found hidden in the walls and under the floorboards of the homes of Donald Dailey and his brother, Tim Dailey.

Video of Six teen girls gang beating 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay for YouTube Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call – Video
US Marine Throws Puppy off cliff to its death – video
US Tank accidentally runs over Iraqi car but doesn’t stop – video
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Newborn Baby Falls from Moving Train When Mother Faints

A pre-maturely born baby girl, just moments old, fell off a moving train after her mother lost consciousness after giving birth. Miraculously, the baby survived the ordeal after lying on the railroad tracks for two hours.

The incident occurred in Ahmedabad, India, where train bathrooms are merely a hole in the floor that drop to the tracks below.

The mother, known only as Bhuri, who is 33 years old, gave birth unexpectedly while going to the toilet. Baby Bhuri slipped through the toilet hole to the tracks below when mother Bhuri fell unconscious after giving birth.

Bhuri’s relatives found her in the toilet soaked in blood, but her baby was gone. The relatives immediately pulled the train’s emergency brake.

Workers from a nearby train station began a frantic search along the tracks in the middle of the night. The workers were able to locate the baby after searching in the dark for nearly two hours.

Baby Bhuri, who is yet unnamed, dropped onto the rocks between the tracks’ steel rails.

She was born 8-10 weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 4 ounces. However, Baby Bhuri is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Mother Bhuri was enroute to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup when the incident occurred.