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Stephen Colbert Roasts Dick Cheney about Iraq and WMDs


The politics in this post is a little stale, but the humor is as fresh as it gets. Master satirist, Stephen Colbert, has taken on former Vice President Dick Cheney over WMDs, Iraq and President Barack Obama with a flair that is trademark Colbert. He does not directly attack Cheney, but instead agrees with Cheney wholeheartedly in such a fashion that the viewer understands that such disagreement is a given.

“Rarely has a US President been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.”

 Cheney recently criticized President Barack Obama’s Middle East foreign policies, especially the policy on Iraq. As a frequent guest on the talk shows Cheney railed against Obama foreign policies and also wrote a guest editorial for the Wall Street Journal titled “Collapsing Obama Doctrine” in which he recently stated, while referring to Obama’s Iraq policy, “Rarely has a US President been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.”

To this Stephen Colbert replied, “Yes, rarely…maybe only one other time.”

Please watch similar Colbert repartee in the following video (part 1):

colbert roasts cheney part 1

Because the video hosting sites are so meticulously fussy about copyrights, I have been forced to cut the video into parts just so I could post it. Have a look at part 2.

Perhaps, as Colbert suggested, it is time to raid Cheney’s sac searching for WMDs? How else could the former vice president suggest that the nation and the rest of the world were in agreement that Saddam Hussein was harboring WMDs?

I vividly remember sitting in my living room prior to the 2003 US invasion of Iraq watching former Secretary of State Colin Powell lie to the world about having proof that Saddam possessed WMDs. I remember feeling at the time that Powell was lying and doing it quite poorly. It was without a doubt one of the worst snow jobs I have ever witnessed.

Yet Cheney still apparently believes that the world still swallows his hogwash about WMDs. Why won’t Dick Cheney retire to his home in Wyoming and leave the rest of us alone?

Hasn’t he already done enough damage to the nation?


President Obama Sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ – Video

President Obama spoke at a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, following a performance by singer Al Green. To the delight of the audience the big O actually sang a line of the song, Let’s Stay Together.

All politics aside Prez Obama is truly a cool dude. Of course, there is so much hate between the conservative right and the liberal left that the neocons have been poisoning the Internet with diatribes against Mr. O regarding this video. It really wouldn’t matter who the Prez was. As long as he is a Democrat the right wing will hate him and slander both his name and anything he does.

Why is there so much hatred in this country? If the hate doesn’t eventually abate, we are lost as a nation.

Prez Obama Makes Fun of Donald Trump – Video

President Barack Obama made fun of Donald Trump, the chief birther, and others, at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. The president had prepared his “official birth video” mocking his early childhood in Africa, which the President jokingly explained to the FOX News table, “that was a joke.”

The video is quite long, but there are quite a few very good jokes done at the expense of the Donald and other politicians:

The Real Reason the TSA Uses New Scanners – Video

The TSA and the federal government has gone to great lengths to tell the American public why they had to switch from the old infrared scanners to the new high-tech scanners that can see through clothing. But that is all baloney.

If you want to learn the Real reason the TSA switched scanners, you must watch the old scanners in action. Watch this video and learn.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton, John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi being caught in the act of passing gas and seeing the video posted on YouTube for all to see? It was an option that none of the power mongers in Washington wanted to see reach fruition.

Hillary will still be young enough to run for President when Barack Obama leaves office. She certainly doesn’t want a vid of her passing gas following her around during her campaign. Hence the new scanners are brought in.


Ted Kennedy Suffers Seizure after Inauguration – Video

Senator Edward Kennedy collapsed during a Washington, DC, luncheon following the inauguration of the Presidency of Barack Obama and suffered a seizure and convulsions during the incident.

Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts, who has been battling a malignant brain tumor since last May, was removed from the Capitol on a stretcher and rushed to Washington Medical Center.

Spokesman Edward Aulisi of the Hospital said “Senator Edward Kennedy experienced a seizure today while attending a luncheon for President Barack Obama in the US Capitol.”

“After testing, we believe the incident was brought on by simple fatigue. Senator Kennedy is awake, talking with family and friends, and feeling well.”

Senator Kennedy’s son Patrick was quoted as saying: “He’s awake, he is talking, he is going to be fine.”

Our video features a report by CNN on Senator Kennedy’s Collapse:

Ted Kennedy’s Brain Tumor – Median Survival is 15 Months
Media Maintain Vigil Outside Ted Kennedy’s Hospital – Video
Ted Kennedy Remains in Hospital – Stroke Ruled Out – Video

Obama Win Triggers Gun Purchases

Barack Obama’s recent win in the presidential election has precipitated a run on gun purchases according to Reuters News services.

Reuters stated that both Obama and Vice-President Elect Joe Biden are pro gun control, so it seems that Americans are afraid that the gun control rules will tighten up once they are inaugurated.

David Greenberg, who is the owner of the Second Amendment Family Gun Shop, in Bisbee, Arizona, was quoted by Reuters as saying, “the day after the election, I had many more calls than usual from people looking for semi-automatic rifles.” In fact, Greenberg said he sold out of AR-15 rifles just recently.

“There seems to be a fear they will be banned, and it’s fairly likely,” Greenberg added. “Obama and Biden are driven to eliminate firearms from the face of the country.”

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, which is a gun trade association that favors the shooting, hunting and firearms industries, has reported that gun sales this year have risen 10 percent.

Spokesman Tony Aeschliman said that the increase had risen most dramatically prior to the election. “Gun owners are afraid of what Obama is going to do as far as guns,” said Aeschliman. “He has a clear record of being against us.”

Reuters said that Jim Pruett, who owns a gun store in Houston, reported his sales more than tripled to $35,000 on the Saturday prior to the election.

“It’s always been the liberal or Democratic agenda to restrict gun ownership,” said Pruett.

Gun dealer Steve Sechler from McPherson, Kansas, reported that demand at a recent gun show increased by over 50 percent with buyers stocking up on guns including the Kalashnikov and AR-15 rifles.

“Most of the people there were cussing Obama and saying we need home defense,” said Sechler.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), which is the most powerful gun group in the nation, called Obama a “serious threat to Second Amendment liberties” during the election campaign.

The NRA reported Obama endorsed a 500-percent increase in the federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition. However, a check of his record shows that Obama made that comment while he was an Illinois state Senator back in 1999 not during the presidential campaign. Plus Obama has not repeated that endorsement since then.

However, Obama supporters claim that gun owners should not fear gun curbs when Obama takes over on January 20th. Ted Strickland, the Democratic governor of Ohio, spoke at a rally last month claiming he had spoken directly to Obama about citizens’ right to bear arms.

“If you are a sportsman, if you are a gun owner, if you are someone that honors and respects the Second Amendment, you have nothing to fear from Barack Obama,” Strickland is quoted as saying.

It seems we will have to wait until 2009 to see who is right.

Dad Endangers Baby to Film Video
Incredible Pilot Lands on Only One Wing – Video
Subway Hammer Attack Caught on Video
Dad Dies After Son Leaves Him in Hot Car

Funny Candidate License Plates

With election day almost upon us, we thought we would research the presidential and vice presidential candidates and their license plates to see if we could learn anything or find anything humorous about them. Let’s see how they look.

Sarah Palin:

Wait a minute…this cannot be right. There is something wrong with this one. This cannot be Governor Palin’s license plate, although it is from Alaska and it is a government plate, which is what a governor might use. We will have to look into this one. It seems there is some shenanigans afoot.


John McCain:

Well, Senator McCain did say that he owns 13 cars, so it makes sense that he would have several different license plates. They all fit our man McCain. Hey, wait a minute. McCain didn’t serve in the Civil War, did he?

Oh, it’s just another age joke. McCain should tell folks he’s 72 going on 22 because he has so much energy.


Barack Obama:

Barack Obama is a US Senator from the state of Illinois, so it is natural that he might have both Illinois plates and plates from the Washington, D.C. area. Virginia fits right in there. “Obama 08” sounds just like Obama man. It is unlikely that Obama would put “God Complex” on his own plate, so I think the second one is a fake. It’s probably something the Republicans slid in unobtrusively.

Joe Biden:

It appears that Joe Biden’s plate has a double meaning. Joe could mean he is biding (biden’) time, or he may mean it’s Biden time, as in “it’s Miller Time.”

Personally I think he means let’s have a tall cool one, and I am not talking about Sarah Palin again. Joe looks like he might be the type of guy who would kick back for a beer break. Either way, I think Joe’s plate is the cleverest of the group.

Hillary Clinton Stars in Song and Dance Routine as Chiquita

Ad Libs from a Talking Photo Booth

McCain Economic Plan – Everyone Marry an Heiress

John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Sing and Breakdance

McCain Economic Plan – Everyone Marry an Heiress

John McCain offered his master economic plan today in a speech before business leaders in Detroit. The plan is so simple it is ingenious. McCain’s plan calls for everyone in the nation to marry a beer heiress just like he did.

Cindy McCain is an heiress to her father’s Anheuser-Busch distributorship empire. James Hensley, her multi-millionaire father, owned one of the largest beer distributorships in the US.

McCain’s economic philosophy is that if he was able to marry a beer heiress, everyone else can too. Of course the video explains that there may not be a beer heiress in your town. In that case you should consider a logging heiress.

Watch the video for a more thorough explanation of McCain’s plan:

McCain’s economic concept is so simple yet so profound that it is possible he could earn a Nobel Prize in Economics for this groundbreaking theory.

Once you have married an heiress the price of oil would be insignificant. Why would you care whether gas cost $4 or $40?

John McCain owns 13 cars. If we all married an heiress, the automobile business would boom as would the real estate business. McCain cannot even remember how many houses he owns.

We would all own several homes.

This concept could be the major point in the presidential campaign that turns the tide toward the John McCain camp.

How will Barack Obama respond to this election changing event?

John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Sing and Breakdance
George Bush Dances the Can Can
Hillary Clinton Stars in Song and Dance Routine as Chiquita
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George Bush’s Satellite Dish

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