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Teen Gang Jumps, Brutally Beats 73-year-old – Caught on Video

A Cleveland gang of six teenagers is caught on video as they jump a 73-year-old man and his 51-year-old friend. The gang brutally beat both men until they were bloody and unable to resist.

Cleveland Police Sergeant David Rutt says the teens bagan their attack after the man and his 51-year-old friend, got angry because the teens were loitering near his house.

“There was a group of six to seven juveniles standing in the driveway, blocking their entrance,” said Sgt. Rutt. “The juveniles became more aggressive.”

The two men left their home to avoid the teens and to go to the market to phone the police. The 51-year-old man went inside the store while the other man remained in the car.

“The juveniles followed them down to the market and while the one man is inside using the phone to call police, the crowd began to taunt the passenger,” said Sgt. Rutt.

As the teens, who are from 15-18 years old, were attempting to get the 73-year-old man from his car, his 51-year-old friend came to his assistance. The teens then turned on the 51-year-old, relentlessly kicking and punching him until he could no longer fight back.

Then the teens pulled the 73-year-old man from the vehicle and also punched and kicked him until he was bloody and unable to move.

Both men were hospitalized, one with facial fractures. Police have arrested four of the teens in the video and are searching for two more of the perpetrators.


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Girl Brutally Beaten as Security Guards Merely Watch – Video

A bus tunnel security video shows a 15-year-old girl, Aiesha Steward-Baker, being brutally beaten while three unarmed security guards for the Seattle Metro Transit appear to be merely watching making no effort to intervene.

According to the Seattle-King County Metro Transit that is exactly what the guards are supposed to be doing, even though one guard apparently cannot keep himself from intervening when he is shown trying to shoo the female perpetrator away.

Unarmed security guards with Metro Transit are trained and under orders not to intervene physically when such violent situations arise in the course of their duties. They are, instead, trained to call it in to 911, which the guards in this incident did.

The first video is one from YouTube which shows the encounter pretty much in its entirety:

The public outcry over the video has prompted Seattle’s Metro Transit and King County authorities to remark that they wished the guards had broken up the fight even though they are directed not to do so.

“We are very disappointed in what people see in that video,” Metro Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond said. “It was absolutely unacceptable.”

Baker’s lawyer, James Bible, is playing the race card. “If this young lady had had blond hair and blue eyes and told police ‘These black kids are following me,’ the response would have been different,” Bible said Friday.

Baker said she asked Seattle police for help several times at a shopping center and Macy’s in the hour before the Jan. 28 attack, but her pleas were rebuffed.

However, the Seattle Times reports that friends and relatives of the four arrested have said the situation has been blown out of proportion. They said the two girls have fought often over the past two years, and that Baker has usually won.

The second video is a CBS News report of the incident:

The video has prompted both King County Metro Transit and the Seattle police each to instigate a review of the video to determine whether any policies need changing.

Minneapolis Cops Again Caught Beating Suspect – Video

Minneapolis police are once again caught on film viciously beating a suspect, who in this case had already surrendered. Nicolas Kastner is the passenger in the getaway vehicle the police are chasing in the below video. When that car stops and the driver, Brian McCarthy, of the vehicle flees the scene, Kastner does not flee. Instead he lies on the pavement with his arms spread indicating that he is surrendering.

Instead of simply arresting him, however, the two officers beat him severely, kick him several times and tase him at least twice.

The following video is a news report of the incident:

Officer Sherry Appledorn, who has been a Minneapolis police officer for 16 years, is seen in the video standing over Kastner and then is seen stomping on his back with her foot. She stomps on him four times, then she proceeds to kick him nine times.

The police state that Appledorn believes at this point that her partner may have been killed from action that took place prior to what is shown in the video, although they do not say if Kastner is a suspect in that regard. Appledorn’s partner, however, is perfectly fine.

Officer Joe Will, who is also a long time veteran of the Minneapolis police with 14 years on the job, next sits on Kastner, after which Appledorn begins kicking him once again.

At this point Appledorn uses her taser on Kastner, tasing him twice.

In a video statement three days after the incident Appledorn states, “The passenger failed to get on the ground. I grabbed him and threw him on the ground face first. [He] started crawling under the squad in an attempt to get away. The suspect refused to place his arms behind his back.”

The video clearly shows that Appledorn’s statement is a blatant falsehood. Officers Appledorn and Will were not charged in the incident and both are on active duty on the Minneapolis police force at this time.

Kastner’s attorney states that he and Kastner have filed a federal lawsuit alleging police brutality, excessive force, and a cover-up – especially by Appledorn.

Minneapolis police chief Tim Dolan said that his department has referred this case to the St. Paul City Attorney for possible prosecution. St. Paul is directly across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis.

This is the second time in less than a month that Minneapolis police officers have been involved in a beating incident that was caught on tape. (1)

The Minneapolis Police department is also suffering criticism because seven of its officers were recently named for being under federal investigation for possible illegal activities while they were members of the multi-jurisdictional Metro Gang Strike Force.

The second video is the raw video of the incident:

The Strike Force was disbanded because of scores of criminal activities by members of the force, (2) including confiscation of cash and property from illegal immigrants and suspected drug dealers. Very little of the confiscated property was ever turned in, but instead became the personal property of the confiscating officers.

Confiscated property included cars, cash, jet skis, TVs, furniture, jewelry, computers, electronic equipment, among other items.

One Minneapolis police officer who is under federal investigation as part of the Metro Gang Strike Force has quit his job amid charges that he used confiscated electronics (3) to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

Plus a Minneapolis Police sergeant who is a former member of the strike force is suing the city of Minneapolis, claiming he was reassigned after trying to blow the whistle (4) on the Metro Gang Strike Force in 2007.

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(1) Minneapolis Police Caught Beating, Kicking Suspect – Video,, In the Spotlite, Retrieved 9/06/2009.

(2) Investigator says gang strike force actions were ‘criminal,’ Minnesota Pubic Radio, Retrieved 9/06/2009.

(3) Minneapolis officer quits amid federal probe of Metro Gang Strike Force,, Pioneer Press, Retrieved 9/6/2009.

(4) Ex-Strike Force member sues Minneapolis,, StarTribune, Retrieved 9/6/2009.

Minneapolis Police Caught Beating, Kicking Suspect – Video

Minneapolis police have been accused of beating a suspect while apprehending him. In the following video several Minneapolis officers are seen punching Derryl Jenkins of Brooklyn Center, MN, repeatedly and are also seen kicking him as well while he was being held face down in the snow during a traffic stop.

Arresting officer Richard Walker said Jenkins smelled of alcohol and was uncooperative. Since both Jenkins and Walker are both African American, race is not an issue in this incident.

This video is an abbreviated version of the original, and is embedded from the Associated Press:

Minneapolis police Chief Tim Dolan stated that he was concerned about the officers kicking the suspect. In fact the video, which was taken by police car dashcams, prompted Chief Dolan to ask the FBI to investigate the incident, which is a very unusual request for a Minneapolis police chief.

The second video is a report on the incident by a local reporter. About 54 seconds into the video a small box will appear on the screen highlighting one of the police officers kicking Jenkins:

The Minneapolis police Internal Affairs unit has determined that the police seen in this video did nothing wrong even though kicking a suspect is behavior that is not sanctioned by the police. Internal Affairs determined that the officers’ behavior was appropriate for the situation.

Despite the Minneapolis Police Department’s determination that the officers did nothing wrong, the Hennepin County Attorney’s office decided to dismiss all charges against Jenkins “in the interest of justice” and reinstated Jenkin’s drivers license.

Jenkins had been charged with fourth degree assault and refusal to take a breathalyzer test. In Minnesota refusal to take a breathalyzer test results in automatic suspension of your drivers license, which means that any police officer has the power to take away your license merely by saying you refused a breathalyzer test.

This next video is the complete unabridged version of the incident and was distributed by Derryl Jenkin’s lawyer Paul Edlund:

Some officers sent each other text messages after the incident, one of which called the incident “a good fight.”

Cops Kill Suicidal Man Threatening No One
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Six Teen Girls Beat Girl for YouTube Video

Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay – Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay, the Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader who was allegedly ambushed and gang beaten by her fellow cheerleaders and classmates last March 30th, recently gave her first video interview since the beating.

ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Lindsay at length, and we have embedded the interview for you here. The alleged teen age perpetrators video taped the beating, which lasted for a half hour, so they could post the film on YouTube and MySpace.

Lindsay was allegedly beaten in two sequences by her so-called friends, and the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s department released the film of the beating in two parts. The first film that was released by the Sheriff actually contains the latter part of the beating but has the highest quality of the two films, which may be why the Sheriff released that film first.

After Lindsay was ambushed, she was beaten until she received a concussion and lost consciousness. That early part of the beating is the second film released by the Sheriff.

News reports after the beating stated that Lindsay had suffered vision and hearing loss; however, she discloses in the interview that the hearing problem has healed, but she still suffers from vision impairment, which may be corrected with glasses.

Lindsay’s alleged attackers have been charged with assault and a more serious charge of kidnapping. The trial of her alleged attackers has not yet been held.

Following is the video interview with Victoria Lindsay:

The callous attitude of Lindsay’s alleged attackers shocked the world when news of the beating first hit the media. Cara Murphy was initially charged along with the other defendants in the case, but charges against her were later dropped, at which time she sort of apologized in an interview by saying, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Oh yes! That certainly sounds remorseful.

Six Teen Girls Gang Beat 16-year-old for YouTube Video – first film
Victoria Lindsay Teen Gang Beating Victim 2nd Video Released May 2008
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
Victoria Lindsay MySpace Page Update
3 Victoria Lindsay Defendants Get Off Scot Free – Charges Dropped Against Gang Beating Defendants – Video

The following blogger posted a transcript of the second Lindsay film because much of the conversation is garbled and difficult to understand:
Transcript of 2nd Victoria Lindsay Video

Subway Hammer Attack Caught on Video

A Philadelphia man is attacked on the subway by a hammer wielding man and it is all caught on tape. The attack was unprovoked and appeared completely random.

Thomas Scantling, 26, who was arrested by the Philadelphia police, has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder and is allegedly the attacker in the video.

Scantling is riding the subway with his six-year-old son after midnight, when he instructs his son to sit down.

Scantling then removes a hammer from a carry-on bag and allegedly begins to strike a sleeping passenger again and again with the hammer. The blows appear to be brutal, vicious and unrelenting. The attacker clearly means to harm the victim.

As the train rolls to a stop and the exit doors open, the attack moves from the train to the platform with the victim attempting to defend himself.

The first video is a short report on the incident by a Philadelphia TV station and includes raw footage of the attack:

Although several other passengers are aboard the train, none of them make any effort to help the victim. In fact, some of them quickly leave the area.

Police identified the victim as 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor, who was on his way home after work. Taylor made his own way to a local hospital after the attack, was treated for head and neck wounds and released.

Taylor said he did not know his assailant and knew of no reason for the attack.

Scantling’s family had him committed to a mental institution after the attack, and then called authorities identifying him as the attacker.

Scantling has a long criminal history including rape, robbery, assault, and narcotics violations.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey criticized the reaction by the passengers on the train to the assault.

“They better pray they’re never a victim, because if someone was attacking them that way they would certainly hope someone would step forward and help, and it starts with stepping forward and doing something yourself,” Ramsey said.

The second video is a more in-depth report of the assault by NBC:

See video of the hit-and-run incident referred to in the second video.
US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff
Cheerleaders Beat 16-year-old to film video for MySpace
Police Tase Teen with Broken Back 19 Times

3 Victoria Lindsay Defendants Get Off Scot Free – Charges Dropped Against Gang Beating Defendants – Video

In a dramatic turn of events in the notorious Victoria Lindsay teen gang beating case, three of the eight teen age defendants in the case had all charges against them dropped and the prosecutor has no additional plans to charge them further.

Victoria Lindsay is a 16-year-old Lakeland, Florida, cheerleader that was ambushed by a gang of her classmates and severely beaten until she lost consciousness. Once she regained consciousness, she was beaten again.

Lindsay suffered a concussion, eye and ear damage along with bruises and lacerations and recurring nightmares about the beating. The startling part about the entire incident was that the defendants had filmed the beating so they could post it on YouTube and MySpace.

Polk County prosecutors dropped charges against the three defendants because of insufficient evidence against them. The three were Cara Murphy, 16, Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18.

When the eight defendants were initially arrested, the Polk County Sheriff’s office had stated that Ashley and Schumaker had stood guard outside the site of the attack, which was the home of Mary Nichols, the grandmother of defendant Mercades Nichols, who lived with her grandmother. Lindsay was living with Nichols and her grandmother at the time of the attack.

The Sheriff’s office had also initially stated that Murphy, the single female defendant whose charges were dropped, was the teen filming the beating. A female voice can be heard on the video from behind the scenes saying, “Ooh, yeah, baby. Ooh, yeah!” The Sheriff’s office had stated that voice was none other than defendant Cara Murphy. Watch the original video released by the Sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff had also stated early on that it was Murphy’s voice on the video letting the other girls know that the video was running out of film. “Seventeen seconds left,” the voice said while the beating continued. “Make it good.” Watch the second video released by the Sheriff’s office.

Neither the Sheriff’s office nor the prosecutor gave any indication why charges against the three were dropped other than lack of evidence. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd had even said early on in the case that one of the boys stuck his head in from outside and told the girls to quiet down because neighbors were able to hear the fight.

Why the evidence against Murphy and the two male defendants had evaporated remains a mystery, although Murphy’s attorney has said that she has agreed to testify against the other defendants.

Usually prosecuting attorneys strike deals with a single defendant to testify against other defendants in exchange for a lesser charge or perhaps charges being dropped altogether.

It is unknown whether any deal was struck in this case although it certainly seems like one was.

Said Cara Murphy after the charges against her were dropped, “I guess I’m sorry for all that happened. I’m glad the charges got dropped though.”

Murphy said that she never realized that the incident would turn into a national controversy. After she apologized to Victoria Lindsay, the victim, on the air but not in person, Murphy admitted she could have done more to stop the beating.

“During the time I definitely can say I felt scared for her. Once I saw the video, I realized this was a bad thing that happened.”

Her attorney, Melodie Lopez, said, “My client and I are happy this is over. She should not have been charged. We feel vindicated that the charges have been dropped. I think it’s wrong that all the kids there were charged as a group. Their involvement was not the same.”

Let’s see…Victoria suffers a concussion, permanent vision and hearing loss plus numerous bumps, scrapes and bruises, and Cara realized “this was a bad thing that happened?”

And what about remorse…was there any on Cara’s part?

“I guess I’m sorry for all that happened,” said Cara.

Oh yeah. That sounds like remorse alright. She guesses she’s sorry. What she really meant to say was “My attorney made me say I’m sorry.” What she’s really sorry about is getting caught in the first place.

But she’s “glad the charges got dropped though.”

I’ll bet she is! Cara goes from facing 15 years to life in prison one day to getting off scot free the next. Who wouldn’t be glad?

Does it sound to you like she has learned anything from this ordeal? I’ll bet next time she will cover her tracks better.

She must really like prison orange because she’s not just wearing it in the slammer. She’s even wearing it on the outside.

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Victoria Lindsay Poll – 23% Favor Death Penalty for Teen Defendants

In a totally unscientific poll taken over the Internet, 23% of the respondents favored the death penalty for the defendants that allegedly beat up Victoria Lindsay for the now infamous reason of filming the beating to post it on MySpace and YouTube.

Another 22.5% of respondents favored a sentence from 15 years to life in prison, which means that 45.5% of the respondents felt that the offense was serious enough to warrant serious prison time and even death.

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Mulberry High School in Lakeland, Florida, who was lured to her then residence and allegedly beaten by six classmates and cheerleaders until she was unconscious. Then, once she regained consciousness, she was beaten some more.

Victoria suffered a concussion, vision and hearing loss, a chipped tooth and numerous abrasions from the incident.

The Polk County Sheriff’s office released two videos of the beating. The first video was released not long after the beating incident, which occurred March 31, 2008. The second video was released about May 22nd.

20% of the poll’s respondents favored a prison sentence of 5-15 years, while 23% favored 1-5 years behind bars.

9% thought that six months in jail was justified, and 3% favored probation.

Here are the exact results of the poll along with the wording used:
View Original Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Second Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
Victoria Lindsay MySpace Page Update
Middle School Copycat of Victoria Lindsay Beating – Video
US Marine Throws Puppy off Cliff to its death – video
Police Deputy Dumps Quadriplegic from Wheelchair – video
15 Philadelphia Police Beat and Stomp 3 Suspects – Video
New Born Baby Falls from Moving Train
US Tank Runs Over Iraqi Car but Doesn’t Stop – Video

Victoria Lindsay Teen Gang Beating Victim 2nd Video Released May 2008

The Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s office released a second video in the teen gang beating of the Mulberry High School cheerleader, Victoria Lindsay. We have posted a copy of the beating video here.

Lindsay, who was 16 at the time of the beating March 30th, suffered a concussion along with hearing and vision loss from the attack. The Sheriff’s office has said that the most vicious part of the beating was not filmed. See the first video.

The eight teen age classmates of Victoria had planned to place the video of the beating on MySpace and YouTube in retaliation for Victoria saying some unpleasant remarks about them on her MySpace page.

The second video shows April Cooper, 14, one of the alleged attackers, and Victoria arguing in a bedroom of the home of Mary Nichols, the grandmother of Mercades Nichols, 17, another one of the alleged attackers. Mercades had invited Victoria to live with her and her parents after Victoria felt uncomfortable living with her father and step-mother.

After the argument in the bedroom escalated, April Cooper allegedly appeared to begin punching Victoria in the face, pushed her onto a bed and continued punching her.

The Sheriff’s office also released several photos of Victoria after the attack, and the photos clearly showed blackened eyes and numerous other marks on Victoria’s face, arms and legs.

Mary Nichols, Mercades Nichols’ grandmother, told police detectives that she was shocked when she saw the video. “I was shocked that she (Mercades) didn’t intervene and say, ‘Hey, enough is enough,” Mary Nichols said.

“You know you hit her once, that’s it. Let her go.”

“I don’t care what anybody does. Nobody deserves to be beat like that,” Mary Nichols told investigators.

The grandmother also said she knows that her granddaughter has anger issues, but she has also shown a compassionate side by helping stray dogs and rabbits.

The video that was released by the Sheriff’s office had about one minute and 35 seconds in the middle that was almost totally black. We have enhanced that section the best that we could. The Sheriff’s office also inserted beeps over the many expletives in the video.

Philadelphia Police Beating – Video – Defense Claims Mistaken Identity

We have the video of the Philadelphia police beating three shooting suspects after an auto chase. At least 15 officers were allegedly involved in the beating, and 13 have been removed from duty pending a police investigation of the incident.

Attorneys representing the three defendants claim that the police officers that were involved in the beating concocted a story that the defendants were shooting suspects so they could cover up a police error that the police mistook one of the defendants for another man sought in a cop killing from the previous weekend.

The first video is strictly a video of the beating with no audio to speak of:

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and Mayor Michael Nutter denied the cover-up allegations and said that officers legitimately pursued the defendants’ car after a triple shooting.

The lawyers claim that their clients, Brian Hall, 23, Dwayne “Lionel” Dyches, 24, and Pete Hopkins, 19, were not involved in any shooting. Instead, they said that police chased their vehicle and beat the trio because they believed that Dyches, who was a passenger in the car, was a man wanted in the fatal shooting of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski.

Liczbinski was a 12-year member of the force who was shot in the line of duty last week while pursuing three robbery suspects and who was buried today.

If the lawyers’ claim proves to be true, the police officers involved in the beating incident could be facing some very severe charges.

The second video is some of the beating plus a reporter’s version of the incident:

Philadelphia Police Beating

The beating, which was filmed by a Fox News TV affiliate helicopter, came after several police cars surrounded and blocked the escape of Hall, Dyches and Hopkins’ vehicle.

Three groups of officers then allegedly dragged the trio from their car and proceeded to punch, kick, and stomp the defendants and also beat one of the defendants with a night stick.

Rev. Al Sharpton suggested the beating was racially motivated and called it “worse than Rodney King,” referring to a similar beating of a single black man by Los Angeles police officers in 1991. The acquittal of the police officers involved in that beating motivated rioters in the LA riots of 1992.

See the original Rodney King Beating Video from 1991

Video of six teens girls gang beating 16-year-old classmate for YouTube Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call – Video
US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff to its Death – Video
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Middle School Copy Cat of Victoria Lindsay Beating – Video

Middle School Copycat of Victoria Lindsay Beating – Video

This video has copy cat written all over it. In a video-taped beating, a group of 12 to 14-year-old middle school girls in Clarksville, Indiana, lured a 12-year-old girl to a warehouse parking lot, beat her up and filmed the beating. Then they placed the video of the beating on, which is a video sharing site somewhat similar to YouTube and MySpace.

Photobucket quickly took the video down, but we were able to obtain a portion of the video, which is shown below. Police Chief Dwight Ingle said in the second video, which is a CBS report on the incident, that student who filmed the beating was initially hailed in school as a hero.

However, as more details of the beating emerged the students rapidly changed their attitude.

Police believe that the beating is a copycat of a similar incident that occurred in Lakeland, Florida, to 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay by six of her Mulberry High classmates. However, in this beating, the attacker used rocks as a weapon repeatedly hitting the 12-year-old in the head with the rocks.

Evidently the Clarksville Middle School girls wanted their 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, too. The 12-year-old victim is the daughter of a police officer and was treated for cuts and bruises at an area hospital.

The attack occurred on April 12th in a warehouse parking lot in Clarksville, which is just north of the Ohio River, is on the Indiana-Kentucky border and is more or less a northern suburb of Louisville, KY.

Police said that the incident began with one girl initiating an argument with the victim and then the altercation escalated into a fight, in which the 12-year-old victim was hit in the face and head repeatedly while the other girls watch, jeered and laughed.

Authorities are not releasing the names of the victim or the perpetrators because they are all minors. Fortunately, the victim in this incident was not injured as severely as Victoria Lindsay was.

The reports are not clear which girl in the video is the victim, but it believed that the perpetrator is the girl in the light pink colored jacket. The victim in this case fought back rather than let the attackers have their way with her.

CBS report and video on beating (sorry about the ad, but I could not get rid of it):

It is also believed that the attackers are a bit older than the victim.

Police Chief Dwight Ingle said that the attackers used rocks as weapons. “You can actually hear the rocks thumping on the skull of the victim,” he said.

Video of six teens girls gang beating 16-year-old classmate for YouTube Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call – Video
US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff to its Death – Video
Alleged Drug Dealer Forces Baby to Smoke Marijuana – Video
US Tank Accidentally Runs Over Iraqi car but doesn’t Stop – Video
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Victoria Lindsay’s 911 Call – Teen Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Lakeland, Florida, who was gang beaten by six other teen age girls from her school so they could post a video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace. Lindsay’s 911 call to the police after the attack was released by the Polk County Sheriff and is included below.

Here are the mug shots of the alleged perpetrators:

Police have said that the “animalistic” ambush on Victoria lasted 30 minutes during which Victoria’s head was brutally beaten into a wall until she fell unconscious. See the actual video of the beating.

Victoria told People magazine in her first interview after the beating that she was in “a lot of pain” after the attack.

Victoria is also quoted as telling People, “Your No. 1 friend is your family. Don’t trust anybody,” and if “you put it on the Internet, it will live in infamy.”

Obviously Victoria feels betrayed by girls that she thought were her friends including Mercades Nichols, whom she was living with until the day of the attack. Mercades was allegedly one of the attackers.

At her tender age, Mercades already has a violent legal record. Last fall her boyfriend at the time filed a dating violence injunction against her.

Blogger and YouTube videos have sometimes been slow to start lately even on a high speed connection. Sometimes you must click the start button twice. Please be patient; the video will begin eventually.

YouTube removed this video from its site because some wuss flagged it as inappropriate. YouTube has been removing any of my videos that are the least controversial. The folks at YouTube seem to confuse “Community Standards” with censorship, thinking one automatically follows the other. I now have it set up elsewhere, so watch knowing that YouTube thinks you are not capable of making your own decision about what you should be able to watch.

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Six Teen Girls Gang Beat 16-year-old for YouTube Video

Here is the much sought after video of six Florida teen age girls gang beating another 16-year-old girl and video taping the incident just so they could post the video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace.

The victim is Victoria Lindsay, a Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader, who suffered a concussion during the beating, along with hearing and vision loss. Lakeland is near the Tampa metropolitan area.

The six alleged perpetrators are from age 14 to 17 and all attend Mulberry High School together. The six, along with two 18-year-old boys who stood as lookouts during the attack, will be tried as adults.

All are being charged with felony battery and felony false imprisonment. Brittni Hardcastle, Brittany Mayes and Mercades Nichols, all 17, also are charged with felony kidnapping and felony witness tampering because the three girls allegedly drove Lindsay around after the attack and threatened to beat her even more if she reported the beating to the police.

Eventually, they dropped her off at an intersection near another teen’s home.

Prior to the video shown here, the six girls allegedly beat Lindsay to the point that she lost consciousness. Once she awoke, the alleged attackers began the video taping and continued the beating.

Patrick Lindsay, Victoria Lindsay’s father, said during a news conference, “When I saw my daughter in the emergency room, I didn’t even recognize my own daughter.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “They lured her into the home for the express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the Internet. This is outrageous behavior.”

It is being reported by the media that the motivation for the attack was retaliation for things Lindsay posted about the other girls on her MySpace page. However, the page had virtually nothing posted on it on 4/13/2008.

The attack and the video taping of the attack is taking cyber bullying to a new level.

The battery and false imprisonment charges could result in a 10 year sentence, while the kidnapping charge could add another 15 years in prison.