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Massive Multi-Vehicle Pileup Caught on Video


A snow storm in Forest Lake, MN, caused a massive multi-vehicle pileup this morning that was caught on video.

The storm that caused all the havoc produced from 6-7 inches of snow, and the temperature quickly plummeted once the storm subsided heading rapidly for the nasty side of zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Car Smashes into Grocery Store Hitting Baby Carriage – Video

OMG!…This action packed video shows a car smashing into a Publix grocery store and mowing down five adults and a baby carriage in the process.

Most of the action takes place within the first six seconds of the vid. About 50-60 seconds into the video you will be able to see the car cruising through the store still taking out store displays along the way. At 1:45 into the video several shoppers and store employees lift up one side of the car to free an 83-year-old man who was pinned under the vehicle.

Although you cannot see the details because everything happens so quickly, this video depicts a violent scene of five luckless victims and a baby carriage being wiped out by the speeding auto, which was traveling about 50 miles per hour according to witnesses. Why would anyone be driving 50 mph in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store?

Do not watch this video if you are squeamish.

Ten people including a baby in the baby carriage were injured during the accident which occurred Saturday, April 14th, in the central Florida town of Palm Coast.

The driver, 76-year-old Thelma Wagenhoffer, was charged with careless driving after she drove her 2004 Toyota Camry through the entrance of the Publix grocery store plowing her vehicle into a crowd of people and store displays.

Investigators determined that the car’s brakes were working properly, which may rule out mechanical problems as a cause. However, the car is a Toyota Camry, which has a history of autos accelerating by themselves. This video may prove that Toyotas still have problems with sticking gas pedals. Amazingly, it is difficult to believe that no one was killed in this incident, especially the baby in the baby carriage.

Neighbors claim that Wagenhoffer is normally a good driver, and that she would not answer her door to speak to reporters.

“Yeah, its bad…it’s a bad deal…its really got her tore up,” said one neighbor who declined being identified. “She never said a word. I don’t think she knows what happened to tell you the truth. I think she just had a bad experience, bad accident, bad day.”

Illegal Parking in Russia – Video

It is said that these cars were parked illegally in Russia, but I would hope there is more to it than that. If this video is legitimate, then someone somewhere has too much power to be able to do this.

But that is no surprise in our world today. Lots of folks have too much power and abuse it frequently.

This is certainly a waste of a couple of nice cars.

Longleat Jungle Monkeys Dismantle Mercedes – Video

Nearly 100 Macaque monkeys descend upon a Mercedes estate wagon and begin to dismantle and tear up as much of the vehicle as they are able. The Macaques are residents of Monkey Jungle in the Longleat Wildlife Park, Wiltshire County, in Southwest England.

Monkey Jungle has been closed to the public recently while the primates’ enclosure was redeveloped. The staff placed the Mercedes into the enclosure ahead of the grand re-opening this very weekend with a purpose of getting the monkey’s used to being around cars once again.

From the results of the experiment, it seems that the Macaques still have a long way to go before their behavior approaches anything resembling proper manners.

The simian imps rapidly removed wheel covers, rearview mirrors and comcletely tore apart any luggage they could get their hands on.

Have a look:

It seems that any park visitors may be in for some serious macaque trouble once the Monkey Enclosure re-opens, judging by the likes of this experiment.

Longleat safari park opened in 1966 and claims status as the first such attraction outside Africa.


Mel Gibson Smashes Car, in Trouble Again

Actor, director and movie producer Mel Gibson smashed his 2008 Maserati into a Malibu hillside on Sunday evening, landing the celebrity in hot water with the police and the media again.

Mel has had nothing but negative publicity the last few weeks over his child custody battle with ex-girl friend Oksana Grigorieva, and this fender bender will not help his image any.

Strangely enough the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) states that Gibson was not under the influence at the time of the accident, a fact that astounds virtually anyone who has recently followed Gibson’s exploits in the news.

“He doesn’t know how his car drifted,” said CHiPs Officer Miguel Luevano. Despite the fact that his car had to be towed from the scene, Gibson was uninjured.

In a 2006 arrest for a DUI Gibson launched an oral diatribe against the arresting officer that included anti-semitic remarks. Gibson is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for domesitc violence.

Drunk Driver Launches Car Over Toll Booth – Caught on Video

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yasmine Villasana, an allegedly drunk driver at the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, airport, drove her car so fast toward a toll booth that she launched her vehicle over the toll booth when she accidentally hit a ramp in front of the booth. Her 2006 Chev Impala is highlighted in yellow in the above slideshow.

Yasmine Villasana Mug Shot
Yasmine Villasana Mug Shot

The accident, which was caught on video, caused her car to fly over another vehicle and burst into flames upon landing. The police report states that, amazingly enough, Yasmine only had a broken wrist, and no one else was injured.

Yasmine’s Chev Impala suffered a fatal blow and had to be retired to an auto graveyard. Yasmine’s mug shot is to the right.

It is said that the driver was slightly ticked off when the control tower refused to clear her for take off, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Of course, that is only speculation, but airport authorities did confirm that Yasmine had filed no flight plan.

Any seasoned pilot will tell you that you will never be cleared for take off until you file a flight plan.

Ms. Villasana told police that her vehicle had been rear ended by another vehicle “which caused her vehicle to strike the Toll Booth Protector Barricade, launch into the air, land on the roadway and catch on fire.” Ms. Villasana also tried to re-enter her vehicle even though it was still on fire.

For whatever reason the police doubted her story, administered a breathalyzer test and subsequently arrested Ms. Villasana for driving while intoxicated.

Funny Mischief at the Car Wash – Video

I sense slightly that this one may have been set up. Who has a camera in just the right position at the car wash? Not I. Although with all of the camera cell phones out there, it is possible.

In any event the hijinks from it all are quite funny. I do know that at some of those car washes you cannot shut off the hose no matter what. I think I would have gone to where the hose hangs from the ceiling and started trying to tame the beast from that angle.

Let’s have a look:

Well, setup or not I found that one to be fun. Not sure why the one dude spent so much time on the ground. Was he hurt or just hiding from the hose? I dunno. Do you?

I think that these guys should stay away from the do it yourself car washes. They are more the full service types I believe.

Rednecks, Crash Your Clunkers – Video

Resident Rednecks of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin, recently sported their own version of cash for clunkers when they decided to forgo collecting any government cash for their old clunker of a vehicle as they might by participating in the federal government’s cash for clunkers program.

Instead they started their own affair in which they crash their clunkers. No they do not receive $4,500 from the federal government, but, as you may surmise from the photo above, the Crash Your Clunker event was a whole lot more fun than any government subsidy or rebate.

What our Turtle Lake rednecks did was set up a weekend happening down in a gravel pit in Turtle Lake in which the clunkers were launched up a gravel ramp and sent hurtling into oblivion on the flip side of the ramp.

“It’s a little redneck, but we love it, we accept it, we admit and we enjoy it,” said Brett Moravitz, who is a self-proclaimed redneck.

Approximately 300 participants and onlookers gathered one recent Saturday afternoon at Moravitz Excavating to watch the clunkers hurtle down a runway, launch into the air and finally crash into a gravel pit.

It certainly is nowhere near as classy as NASCAR, and it demolishes the clunkers much more than a demolition derby. The Crash your Clunker event is the brainchild of Bob Moravitz.

“You don’t get to do this kind-of stuff very often,” said Bob. “I mean, destruction of a car that really isn’t worth nothing anyway. So let’s just wreck it.”

Bob’s son Rick and his pal Jake fitted the cars with remote-controlled devices so they could control the gas pedal and the steering. Since they didn’t install any remote control on the brakes, they dug trenches along the sides of the runway to prevent the cars from veering too far off course.

Upon releasing the brake, the clunkers would speed down the runway with Rick and Jake following close behind on a four-wheeler. At the same time they controlled the speed and direction of the vehicle right up to when it launched itself off the ramp.

In addition to launching cars, they also launched a camper towing a boat and a pickup pulling a round baler. But the piece de resistance was the launching of two school buses.

It seems that the Crash Your Clunker event promises to become an annual redneck phenomenon each summer in Turtle Lake that may just grow a little each succeeding year.

Unfortunately, the video sponsor no longer has the vid available. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I just hate when they do that.

More Funny Automobile Bloopers and Misadventures – Videos

When folks get behind the wheel these days, look out! Whether it is because of stupidity, carelessness, drunkenness or cell phone texting, people are screwing up more and more these days when they hit the roadways.

Although many of the accidents that are caught on film result in tragedy, we prefer to dwell on the funny incidents because humor is a lot more fun than a broken neck.

VW micro buses were all the rage back in the 1960’s and ’70’s. They have been around since then, but they simply have not been all that popular. In the late 1960’s they were a status symbol, a sign that you were a part of the hippie generation because many of the flower children drove across the USA in a VW micro bus.

They were usually painted in psychedelic colors and were major players in the automotive experiences of the hippie generation.

Volkswagen did not forget how popular their micro bus was back then, and a few years ago the company previewed a concept car based on that micro bus from the ’60’s and ’70’s.

If the above photo is any proof, the concept car made it all the way to the production line. Yes, it appears from this photo that the bus is back.

The design makes perfect sense in these days of high priced gasoline and is certainly a sign of the times. You can be sure this new VW only sips the petrol.

Almost everyone who sees this photo says it’s cute. That means that women drivers would be the natural market for this vehicle. You could watch for more of them at a VW dealer near you. But the problem with that is that Volkswagen insists that they know nothing about the vehicle.

Even in Germany, the closest vehicle you can find similar to this car is the VW Fox, which is nowhere as cute as this car is. If you like it, call Volkswagen and tell them you want to buy one. If they built one, they must have built others that are out there…somewhere.

Now, for our first video–you know what kids do. They build a ramp that they can use to jump things with their skateboard, and naturally they leave it in the street in front of their house. Kids will be kids and they don’t understand that bad things are likely to happen when something like this is left in the street.

The driver never noticed the skateboard ramp in the street and…well, watch and see for yourself:

Oh too bad! The car did not actually tip over. But, we all know that this scenario could have gone a lot worse.

Just imagine how the driver must have felt. He’s tooling along, probably talking on his cell phone, maybe late for an appointment, and, if he is like most drivers, his mind is anywhere but concentrating on what’s right in front of him. Suddenly his car rides up on only two wheels just like in a stunt car show. Wouldn’t that be a shocker!


In the next vid we have an Evel Knievel wannabe let his buddy drive a car over his forearm because that’s not really gonna hurt is it? Naah! Of course not!

Well, I cannot understand how that hurt the kid’s arm. Let’s see…drive a 3500 pound vehicle over a human arm? That shouldn’t hurt, should it?

Wait till this kid gets to school to tell his buddies what he did. “You drove the car over your arm? No Way!”

“Yes, Way! Check out the video pal. See! And I’m still alive. Of course, my arm’s in a cast, but so what! Now I’m an Internet hero.”

Well, we all know that a broken arm is a small price to pay for immortality on the Internet. I can see the high school class year book now. “Mike Smith: Let Jonesey drive a car over his forearm. Most likely to become the next Evel Knievel.”


Okay! I feel guilty about the car in the first video not tipping over so I’m going to try to make it up to you…maybe.

In the next video what could possibly go wrong. The driver is entering a fenced location through a steel gate, and people enter premises like that through steel gates every day. What could go wrong?

What indeed! Watch!

Lady! Next time try to remember to keep the shiny side up!


We have saved the best for last, at least in our opinion. In our last video, a young woman attempts to fill her car with gas, which is usually a simple procedure. But today it isn’t.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Laurel and Hardy movies, this is the type of situation that Stan Laurel and Ollie Hardy used to get themselves into constantly. Most of their humor consisted of sight gags very similar to this one.

I have watched this video several times and I still laugh out loud every time I see it.

Did you notice at the very end of the clip she is still struggling with the hose trying to bring it back again to the wrong side of the car. If only she would turn her car around, all would be fine, but she doesn’t seem to understand that.

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Curiosity Didn’t Kill This Cat

If curiosity actually killed the cat, then this tabby should be dead. Actually, this has to be the funniest cat on the Internet, and I don’t mean cat as in cool cat. I mean kitty cat.

The author of this video very cleverly employed sound effects to mystify the cat with absolutely hilarious consequences.

For awhile there I thought that the cat might begin to tap out a rhythm like a drummer would. Take a look at this clever video:

Now will you admit that the cat was amusing? I certainly hope so.

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Funny Automotive Bloopers and Misadventures

Our video depicts a female bus driver who unwittingly sets out to experience an off road adventure, but she is not in an SUV. No, she is driving a bus, but it is still an adventure and it is definitely off road.

When I first watched the video of this woman bus driver, I suspected that it was fake. The bus must drive right over one or two cars parked in the parking lot for this video to be authentic, and that alone screamed of unlikely authenticity.

However, after watching it several times, I noticed that other vehicles which were in the first part of the video, when the camera was aimed where the bus was headed, were also in the second half of the video. Those vehicles were the same color, shape and size plus their location was the same too.

Sadly for the bus driver, this video appears to be real. But it probably no longer matters to her because it is unlikely that she is still working at that job. Would you keep her on after seeing her drive in that video?

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I taut I taw a putty tat

If you thought you saw a putty tat, you did see a putty tat. I used to do a lot more animal videos and somehow got away from it. But it wasn’t deliberate, so let’s try a few more.

These kitties are smart, resourceful, clever, and unpredictable. In the first video we look in on one very resourceful kitty, who knows how to get what she wants. Of course, we end up with a funny result. This is one thirsty little kitty cat. Let’s see how she quenches her thirst:

You will have to admit that we have one smart little kitty here. She was not short changed when they handed out the brains in her family.


Despite being bigger than his opponent, our next feline is a little on the cautious side and wants to make certain that he doesn’t get into something he can’t handle. So he sort of feels his way into a disagreement. Once he is sure, he…well, see for yourself:

I think it did not turn out quite the way he expected despite all of his calculations prior to making his move. That’s life as a cat, kiddo.


Most cats hate the water, but this kitty proves that the term “most cats” does not mean all cats. This one gets an “A” for the cuteness factor, so get ready to get cuted out.

Was I right? Cute, huh?

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Funny News Reporter Bloopers

TV news reporters are responsible for some hilarious bloopers that usually just end up on the editing room floor without anyone getting the opportunity to laugh at them. Well fortunately, we have managed to rescue a select few. All of our videos are short, so please do not worry about your time commitment.

You folks living in warm weather cities do not know how much fun you are missing by not getting any snow. In our first video the reporter is doing a story about the hidden dangers for kids when they hang around the snow plow. It is one of my favorites. Have a look:

I have watched that one several times and I still laugh out loud every time I watch it.


Remember comedian George Carlin’s skit about the seven words you cannot say on TV? When it comes to reporters, there are many more taboo words than just seven. The reporter in this next video mistakenly lets out a major slip of the tongue, and he gets a bit flushed because of his error. Watch:

I certainly hope that Miss Nevada is able to get her tittle back. I think that it is a significant aspect to her charm. In fact I cannot imagine how she would look without it.

Don’t you think that The Donald should give her tittle back? C’mon, Donald! Give that poor girl her tittle back. The nerve of some control freaks, wanting to keep the tittles all for themselves.


You really have to feel sorry for the reporter in this next video. This poor girl never saw that train coming. As it says in the beginning of the video: No light fixtures were harmed during the making of this video. We don’t want the electricians’ union mad at us.

I could be wrong, but I smell a law suit here. As for the medical condition of the reporter, I only know that she did not die. Wish I could tell you more.


We have room for just one more blooper. It has nothing to do with reporters, but it fits in here very well.

Somebody seems to have mistaken the house for the garage. This is happening all too frequently these days. What do you want to bet that the driver was texting someone at the time of the accident?

Maybe it was about their horoscope. It might have gone something like this: “BFF. HORSCOP SZ SMTHNG DRAMATC ROUND NX CRNR.” Of course, they didn’t know it was the Jones’ doublewide.

No, Mabel. That garage remote cannot lift the Jones house off its foundation, although the Dodge almost can. Next time drive around the thing, will you pulleeze?

Imagine the poor Joneses sitting down to dinner. “Honey. Look who’s coming to dinner. It’s Mabel.”

“Mabel, dear. So glad you dropped in. Maybe next time you could call first. George, I think the dog is trapped under the transmission…George! Where are you George? You’re under the transmission too? Do you think AAA handles something like this, George?…George?!”

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Japanese Bikini Car Wash and World’s Shortest Runway – Video

Our first video comes straight from an air show where the pilots perform tricky maneuvers that make you wonder why they don’t get killed. This pilot lands his plane on a moving runway that is not much longer than the plane itself. Quite Remarkable.

I guess that pilot skill tells it all, and this pilot lets his skill shine through.

Now that is some remarkable flying, but can he do it in a Boeing 767? Seriously, that must be the shortest runway ever, and the only other moving runways I can think of are on aircraft carriers.

Learning how to perform that trick might place you in harm’s way because you would have to make the landing on your first try.

This next video comes from an auto commercial that was supposed to play in the US, but I have not seen it yet. It adds an entire new twist to videos with scantily clad beauties washing your car in the school parking lot.

It has the plenty of water fights and very little clothes worn by the washers, but…well, you pretty much need to see it to understand. Watch.

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Redneck Mark Spitz, Redneck Construction Work, Redneck Tow Truck – Video

Ever see those signs on elevators that tell you the elevator car has a ten person or 1600 pound limit? Since when does the average adult weigh 160 pounds? Not in my neighborhood, he doesn’t, and that includes the women. We are in a super size world but the manufacturers don’t seem to recognize that.

Well, in this first video, our Mark Spitz wanna be is not made for this pool. He is a super size and the pool isn’t. You know what the result is going to be. Even so, it is funny when it happens. Watch.

Dad! What happened to the pool? Did you break it again? For all of you teen-agers out there, Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in swimming in the 1972 Olympics.

What is it with rednecks and motorized vehicles, anyway? Give a redneck a set of keys to a piece of equipment with an engine in it, then sit back and watch the fireworks because you know that the redneck mind is incapable of properly traveling from start to finish without a major hitch.

Murphy’s law will always apply if there is a redneck in the mix. Something will go wrong because it can go wrong. And that is when the laughter begins.

Without further ado, here are a couple of redneck videos about vehicles where Murphy’s law always rules.

I have to hire that guy to work on my house. My guess is he works cheaply.

The next vid is about a redneck tow truck driver. If you live where it snows, you probably learned somewhere along the line that where you hook the tow rope is of major importance. This redneck learned the hard way.

The last one is my favorite, and I give that one five stars: *****

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Redneck Taxicab, Redneck Ferrari, Redneck Car Wash and Redneck Power Windows

The New York City taxicab drivers must have negotiated a very lucrative contract after their strike last year because it is not often that you see a Ferrari being employed as a gypsy cab.

The real issue in the strike was GPS tracking of the taxicabs, but money is always a factor in any contract negotiations. However, any cabbie would have to drive a whole lot of hours each week no matter what rate he is charging in order to afford a ride like this Ferrari.

Perhaps this is another example of an eccentric billionaire wanting to add a little excitement to his life, ala New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The New York mayor certainly did not run for mayor of the big apple for the money.

The driver of this red hot Ferrari taxicab must enjoy something about the New York cabbie lifestyle to entice him to convert his very expensive Ferrari into a taxi. Perhaps it is the danger zone the cabbies work in.

Taxi drivers seem to be facing ever greater on the job dangers these days. Maybe this redneck is determined to live his life to the fullest, even if his life is cut short over it.

Well, at least there is economy of space involved here. We only have to write about one photo to cover both redneck ferraris and redneck taxicabs.

Our road construction redneck is an example of absolutely classic redneck thinking. Can’t you just envision the road construction foreman looking over his blueprints?

“My prints tell me to build this road right where that power line pole is, and that is where I am going to build it.”

Maybe the foreman is attempting to embarrass one of his supervisors at work. What ever the reason, this road construction snafu may very well result in someone getting the pink slip.


The first video is classic redneck car wash material. The poor fellow driving the white sedan must have had one dreadful day after this car wash episode.

The second video is very entertaining. Who woulda thunk it? Redneck power windows on a pickup truck. I am impressed with this guy’s imagination.

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