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Hot Damn Van Damme – video


Hot Damme! Look what 53-year-old Jean-Claude Van Damme can do! That is Jean-Claude in the pic above with his legs spread out between two semi-trailer trucks. Performing this “epic split” is a trick Jean-Claude often does in his movies, but generally he does it at ground level. The stunt takes on a much more impressive perspective when performed between the side mirrors of two semis.

Van Damme’s movies are generally not much more than martial arts flicks, which is fine if you like fight films. But Jean-Claude cleverly garners some impressive publicity with this stunt, making me wonder if I should reconsider checking out Mr “Muscles from Brussels” next flick.

Also impressive in the video is the ability of the semi drivers to maintain the necessary distance between the two trucks while driving backward in the stunt. Anyone who has ever driven a truck knows that driving any truck backward like this is no small feat, let alone doing it with an 18 wheeler.

If I were in the market to buy a semi, Volvo would certainly be tops on my list after seeing this stunt, which is undoubtedly just what Volvo wanted when they set up the video.

Racy Pamela Anderson Ad Banned In Britain – Video

Pamela Anderson-blue_eyes2

Remember Pamela Anderson, the gorgeous blonde bombshell who starred as a hot lifeguard in the TV series Baywatch. The former Playboy Playmate of the year is now 46 years old and still riles male hormones into a-churning overtime.

Lovely Pamela recently starred in a TV commercial for in which she displays her still remarkable body clad in tattoos, a bikini and cream cascading down her incredibly supple body parts.

The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has dutifully banned the commercial from Britain’s airwaves claiming the ad contains what it calls offensive content.

“…we considered the ad was likely to cause serious offence to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women,” the ASA ruled.

Naturally, Pamela and her publicist must now be reveling in the subsequent publicity that the ban has created. The ASA has turned an innocuous commercial that would have quickly faded away into a gold mine for Pamela and

Because the vid is hosted by YouTube, we apologize for any advertising you may be forced to watch in order to view the video:

The old Hollywood axiom, “any publicity is good publicity” obviously still holds true.

Irina Shayk – Sports Illustrated Cover Model – Video

Russian born Irina Shayk is taking over the cover model world with her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Needless to say Irina is breathtaking in a bikini, plus she is a woman who lends a whole new meaning to the often tossed about term “beautiful people.”

We have also managed to provide you short video of this Russian beauty, so have a look:

We have to cut Irina some slack since English is a second language for her. Because of that she does not describe her emotions for being chosen the SI cover model as being thrilled, or overjoyed or even excited. Instead she is “super happy.”

She even describes her mother as being “super happy.” We will not begrudge this Russian lass for her lack of English vocabulary because, after all she is “super beautiful,” and how can anyone begrudge this girl anything?


    Shooter Jared Loughner Mug Shot and Video That Got Him Suspended

    Prior to obtaining his 15 minutes of fame, Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged gunman in the Tuscon, Arizona, shooting that left Representative Gabrielle Giffords in a hospital fighting for her life, shot a video last Fall on the campus of Pima Community College.

    The video portions are innocuous enough, but the audio portion of the vid scared Pima College authorities enough to suspend Loughner indefinitely.

    The video portion merely depicts the college campus including a shot of the local police station. On the audio portion Loughner denigrates the police station saying “This is where the whole shaboozie goes down with illegal activity.”

    Loughner begins his audio diatribe by saying, “We’re examining the torture of students. We’re looking at students who have been tortured.”

    Loughner shouts out to someone in the dark, “How’s it going? Thanks for the B–I’m pissed off.”

    The man responds, “What’s that?”

    After the brief exchange of words, Loughner laughs out loud for some time, finally saying, “I lost my freedom of speech to that guy.”

    Soon Loughner starts the monologue that probably got him suspended from school, “This is what happens. I’m in a terrible place.”

    “This is my genocide school…where I’m going to be homeless because of this school.”

    The genocide remark would scare any school official, especially in these violent days.

    As he wanders into the cafeteria Loughner says, “This is Pima Community College, one of the biggest scams in America…The students are so illiterate it affects their daily lives.”

    As he wanders past the bookstore Loughner says, “They’re controlling the grammar. They control the grammar.”

    Later he says, “All the teachers that you have are being paid illegally. This is genocide in America.”

    Finally Loughner signs off saying, “Thank you. This is Jared from Community College.”

    Despite the rambling, incoherent nature of some of Loughner’s monologue, it is for the most part little worse than what you will find on millions of blogs or video sites on the Internet. If Loughner had not said the words “genocide” or “torture,” he probably would not have been suspended from school because of this video.

    If Loughner had not been so short sighted to go on his violent rampage, this video would be of no interest to anyone. So how do we know, in the future, which videos posted to YouTube are from madmen like Loughner rather than from just a somewhat confused youth?


    Homeless Golden Voiced Radio Announcer Ted Williams Strikes Gold

    Homeless radio announcer with a voice of gold, Ted Williams, was recently rediscovered begging for money on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, but the Internet sensation has literally struck gold since his video on YouTube and the Columbus went viral.

    53-year-old Ted Williams was a panhandler one day who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs until two years ago, when he got sober. He was also “a sporadic resident of a camp behind an abandoned Hudson Street gas station” in Columbus.

    But since Doral Chenoweth III, the videographer for the Columbus Dispatch made the video below of the golden throat announcer offering a sample of his voice on the street in exchange for small change, Williams’ fortune has risen immeasurably and has almost no limits.

    Chenoweth discovered Williams begging on the streets of Columbus and recorded the following video which is embedded from

    Williams has been offered more jobs than he can field, and he has already accepted an offer from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese as their spokesman. He is being paid $10,000 for performing voice-overs on four commercials.

    His first commercial is already on the Internet, and like his original video, this one has gone viral. Check it out below:

    Ted also has offers from the NFL and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball team. The Cav’s want Ted to be their official voice, and in addition to a salary, they are offering him the house that Lebron James used to live in.

    Our third vid is NBC’s report on Ted’s good fortune:


    Paris Hilton’s Mug Shot No. 3

    The peripatetic Paris Hilton was arrested once again Saturday night when she dropped her stash of cocaine during a traffic stop on the Las Vegas strip.

    We have her Mug shot from the arrest right here for your perusal.

    Notice how professionally Paris posed for this shot. Obviously practice makes perfect, and Paris has been practicing. Her frequent arrests have finally paid off for the 29-year-old celebrity because she has really improved her poses for mug shots.

    If we didn’t know better we would think this was a professional head shot of Ms. Hilton.

    If Paris continues to get arrested as frequently as she has, her mug shots will begin to look as professional as the head shots that modeling agencies use.

    It seems that Paris was a passenger in her boy friend’s SUV, and the police officer noticed the telling trace of marijauna smoke emanating from the vehicle. Little did the officer suspect that this would be his lucky (unlucky?) day and he would arrest such a well known celebrity as Paris.

    Video of Lars Vilks Assault by Radical Muslim Jihadists

    Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist-cartoonist who depicted Islam’s Prophet Mohammad as a dog in a caricature in 2007, was attacked in a classroom in Uppsala, Sweden, Tuesday, while giving a lecture regarding his experiences with censorship.

    Vilks has been under a fatwa issued by Al Qaeda Muslim extremists offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who murders him. It appears that yesterday’s assailant initially head butted Vilks, but was then quickly subdued by Swedish policemen before he could inflict more damage.

    The lecture was being filmed by a Swedish TV station, but the cameraman missed filming the actual assault because he had directed his camera toward a screening of a film that Vilks was discussing. Once the assault had begun and by the time the camera was again pointed in Vilks’ direction, he was already on the floor.

    Toward the end of the video, a second assailant moving into camera range from the left is seen taking a swing apparently at a policeman. That man is immediately tackled by three policemen and arrested. The second assailant’s efforts at assault were utterly anemic as his listless attempt to strike the cop looked as if he had flunked fighting on the school playground when he was a lad.

    The lecture hall was filled with shouts of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great), and many of them came from apparently Muslim women in the back of the hall. It was also the cry of the first assailant as he attacked Vilks.

    Vilks’ glasses were broken in the altercation, but it has been reported he was not seriously injured. “This was the first time I’ve experienced a physical assault,” Vilks said. “It was a bit of a shock.”

    Vilks has taken the fatwa on his life seriously, having installed a panic room and booby traps in his home, along with acquiring a specially trained guard dog he has named “Mohammed.”

    After Tuesday’s assault Vilks remains adamant that he will not give in to the threats from the Muslim extremists. “What you get is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university. I’m ready to go up again,” he said, meaning he would be agreeable to rescheduling the speech. “This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped.”

    Vilks notorious cartoon of Mohammad was dubbed “Modoggie,” and numerous variations of it can be viewed at The Christian News Wire. The cartoon would be considered insulting by nearly any religion, so you cannot blame Muslims for their anger. However, most of us limit our rage and do not push it to the point of issuing a fatwa.

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    * Gang of Kids Caught Roasting Live Puppies
    * Giant Mountain Rock Slide Caught on Video
    * US Marine Throws Puppy Off Cliff


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    Vanessa Hudgens Wins Poll, Keeps Her Job

    As promised we are posting the results of our poll about that oh so naughty Vanessa Hudgens. You will recall that we asked if should she be dismissed by the Disney Channel because she carelessly allowed nude photos of herself to be leaked onto the Internet.

    Poor Vanessa has been the subject of intense scrutiny for two months now since the offending photographs seemed to spontaneously appear in virtually every corner of the Internet. It is rumored that even a few computer monitors at the Vatican in Rome strayed into the nether regions of the Internet for a gander at the risqué photos of the remarkably cute star of “High School Musical 2.”

    Although we are certain that the Vatican’s purpose of visiting the loins of the Net was merely for educational reasons rather than simply prurient interest. How, for example, can a priest bestow a fitting penance to sinning parishioners without a complete understanding of the subject matter? He truly cannot. So, thus explains the only cause for any straying monitor from within the holy walls of the sacred Vatican City.

    Hopefully, those wandering religious eyes had the prudence to protect their identity by using a proxy service. No need for the tabloids to cause a ruckus and turn a Hollywood un-scandal into a Vatican one.

    Below is Vanessa’s video “Let’s Dance”

    If you will recall the poll asked should Disney fire Vanessa Hudgens and hire someone new for the filming of High School Musical 3?

    The possible answers:

    1) Yes, Can the slut!
    2) No, she’s way too cute.
    3) No, make her wash my car while wearing her bikini instead.
    4) Yes, and spank her in public.

    Here are the Grand totals:
    Yes – 29.2%
    No – 70.8%

    The results show a landslide victory for keeping Vanessa on to star in “High School Musical 3.”

    The powers that be at the Disney Channel were obviously listening, because it was reported this week that, yes, Disney definitely intends to keep Vanessa on for HSM3. It was also reported that she has signed to do the sequel at a substantial raise, no less.

    It obviously pays to be both talented and incredibly cute.

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    How Salma Hayek Got Her Breasts

    Well, imagine that! Salma Hayek teaches us that there is yet one more use for holy water. It obviously pays to investigate the unknown. Can you imagine how Salma might look if she had not received quite as much assistance from the Good Lord in this department? Thank the Man upstairs for His divine intervention.

    When God puts his hand into the mix, He obviously does not mess around. He gets the job done right. It is too bad that He did not have as much input when Britney Spears was in line to receive her behavior genes. Obviously, she was somewhat shortchanged in that area.

    But, maybe it is not too late. What might happen if we follow the Brit around some night when she is out clubbing? We could mix a small dose of holy water into Britney’s vodka and tonic and see what develops.

    Hmmm. Perhaps we should mix in a large dose? Because curing Britney’s behavior issues may prove to be quite a challenge, it would probably require a rather large dose. Maybe holy water comes in gallon jugs (sorry for the pun). While we’re at it, we better shoot for a keg or two.

    On the other hand, if celestial inspiration can work such wonders in the arena of mammary enhancement, it stands to reason that it also may have some influence on the men’s side of the issue.

    Then again, it is getting a bit late. It might be wise to leave penile enhancement for another time. Searching for an example of the Lord’s handiwork in this field leaves the patrons here at McCafferty’s Pub a little cold.

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    Britney Spears Caught Pantyless Again October 2007

    Well, believe it or don’t, Britney Spears has been caught pantyless again by the paparazzi. Here are a couple of photos of Britney exiting her car and, at the same time, exposing her virginia for all to see.

    This is at least the third time this year that she has been caught bottomless by the paparazzi. It is one thing for celebrity singers to pose nude for magazine layouts, but to be so frequently photographed with the family jewels on display out in public for anyone to see is unusual even for Britney.

    Of course, the issue would be easily solved by Britney wearing panties. That way, the paparazzi would only be getting photos of Britney’s underwear. But perhaps Britney has a need for the freedom that a bottomless lifestyle provides.

    Since she continues to get caught au naturel, it would appear either that 1) she does not care, 2) she wants to photographed exposed, or 3) she is not bright enough to do what is necessary to keep from being caught pantyless.

    It is also possible that her judgment is impaired from drug use or some mental disorder.

    Her inability to rectify the situation has left her open to some of the worst ridicule. In fact, the patrons here at McCafferty’s Pub are no strangers to dishing out some razzing themselves. But Britney’s failure to adjust her bottomless lifestyle has made Britney, herself, her own worst enemy.

    The common perception among the public is that drug impairment is the root of this evil, but it is hard to believe that Britney is high all of the time and still be able to function in society.

    Could it be that Britney does not have the mental capacity to deal with this issue? Maybe she simply is not bright enough to handle the demands of being a celebrity?

    So which is it Britney? Are you a Druggie or a dummy?

    Something tells me she is not going to volunteer the answer.

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